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PRESS: Swing into September with The Pole Project's A FEAST OF FLIGHT - JUNGLE BOOK

The Pole Project


Strap yourselves in, hold on to your seats and prepare for a wild and enchanting journey through the jungle like you've never experienced before! The Pole Project proudly presents the eagerly anticipated annual production, A Feast of Flight, at Cape Town’s prestigious Star Theatre.

This one-of-a-kind show blends gravity-defying, jaw-dropping artistry that fuses the art of pole dance with aerial prowess, all wrapped up in the much-loved tale of The Jungle Book. Since its debut in 2017, A Feast of Flight has been a huge hit with audiences year after year, growing in scale and grandeur and this year's show is set to soar to new heights.


For the first time ever, it will take center stage at The Star Theatre and unravel the magic of The Jungle Book, under the direction of Kathy Lee, a qualified pole dancing instructor and the owner and founder of The Pole Project.


"The Jungle Book has always held a special place in my heart. After immersing myself in the timeless tale through Rudyard Kipling's All the Mowgli Stories and both the 1967 Disney cartoon and 2016 remake, I knew it was the perfect story to bring to life on stage. The iconic soundtrack from the 1967 film really adds an epic touch to our dance production," she comments.


Each year, A Feast of Flight reinvents a classic tale with a modern twist, delivering a unique and meaningful message to the audience. From Alistair spiralling down a rabbit hole in Wonderland, to Doug skipping down a yellow brick road in Wizard of Oz and the Emerald City Drag Race and Wendy on her journey to finding her womanhood in Never Have I Ever Land. The Pole Project's inclusive interpretations continue to wow spectators with their quirky references to pertinent social norms and as a result, have earned the show a dedicated following.

Being part of more than one tribe


A Feast of Flight weaves a tale of belonging, identity, compassion, and the extraordinary power of family amidst the wild wonders of the jungle. As the audience journeys with Mowgli, they will experience a connection with every creature he meets, realising that within every living being lies a reflection of their own heart and essence. The Jungle's harmony resonates deep within Mowgli, guiding him on a powerful journey of self-discovery and courage.


“We want audiences to join Mowgli in unravelling the tapestry of his identity, as he discovers a profound connection with every creature he encounters. Every relationship makes him learn that a part of himself is mirrored in the essence of everyone he meets. As humans, we are so desperate to find our tribe, but Mowgli’s adventures show us that in truth, we can belong to more than one at one time,” says Kathy.


This year’s performers are primarily students of The Pole Project who have been training intensely for three months to create a slick and professional production. “From ages nine to 49, our talented dancers have poured their hearts and souls into mastering their craft and embodying the characters from The Jungle Book. This year, the show will also feature two other pole studios - AIR FIT studio playing the Wolves, and Pole Dance Cape Town as Shere Khan. Additionally, professional performers Cheshire Vineyard as Bagheera and Fern Hartley as The Red Flower will grace the stage,” explains Kathy.


As the driving force behind the show, Kathy has collaborated with costume designers Vanya Keren from Sky Kandy and Lloyd Kandlin from The Costume Department to create imaginative and captivating costumes that bring the jungle creatures to life. The show's focus on pole and aerial performances means that the poles and apparatus themselves become the props used to tell the story, resulting in a breathtaking display of athleticism and artistry.


"We want to whisk people away from their everyday lives into a realm of enchantment and wonder. Our performers have work tirelessly to deliver a remarkable and unique experience that will leave audiences spellbound and we cannot wait to share it with everyone,” concludes Kathy.


A Feast of Flight at The Star Theatre is set to be an unforgettable event for the whole family. There are three shows - Friday, September 1st at 7 PM, Saturday, September 2nd at 2 PM, and Saturday, September 2nd at 7 PM. Tickets are R340 and are available on or through @thepoleproject Instagram page.


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