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PRESS: Premiere of new Louis Viljoen Play, THE GRASS WIDOW at The Baxter’s Masambe this February

Louis Viljoen


Louis Viljoen’s alluring new play, THE GRASS WIDOW, premieres at the Baxter’s Masambe Theatre from 31 January to 11 February 2023.

“History can be forgotten by employing a well-timed biting of the lip, a shy smile, a bowed head and the raising of come-hither eyes.” – THE GRASS WIDOW

THE GRASS WIDOW is a new darkly comic, psycho-sexual thriller by award winning playwright and director Louis Viljoen. It delves into the life of one woman, the relationships that shape her and the lengths to which she will go to exact revenge on those that have the misfortune of crossing her. What emerges is a diabolical story told from multiple perspectives of someone with an affinity for revenge.

Viljoen, known for his potent and bitingly sharp works such as The Kingmakers, The Pervert Laura, The Hucksters and The Outlaw Muckridge joins forces again with gifted actor, Emma Kotze to bring THE GRASS WIDOW to life. Kotze first stepped into his fast-paced wordy world with the character study, Oh Baby, I’m A Wild One with great ease. She’s set to up the darkness that lingers in that charisma even more with THE GRASS WIDOW.

Creating the onstage world in which the story unfolds is talented designer, Kieran McGregor. He has been a creative force in Fugard Theatre productions such as The Father and Clybourne Park, as well as the Viljoen penned The Eulogists. THE GRASS WIDOW marks McGregor’s second project working alongside Viljoen.

This dynamic team is set to present a production that will enthral audiences, as only a quintessential Louis Viljoen play can. Come witness the mystery of one woman’s diabolical mind unfolding as she is confronted with the question of her truest self.

THE GRASS WIDOW runs in The Baxter’s Masambe Theatre from 31 January to 11 February 2023 and carries an age restriction of 18 years for explicit language and scenes of a sexual nature. Tickets are available online through Webtickets at a price of R150 per person.

Production: The Grass Widow

Written and directed by Louis Viljoen.

Performed by Emma Kotze.

Production design by Kieran McGregor.

Production photos by Claude Bernardo.

Poster design by Barbara Loots.

Dates: 31 January to 11 February 2022         

Venue: Masambe Theatre, Baxter Theatre Centre

Bookings via Webtickets:


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