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PRESS: TRIBUO, a new support fund for the arts

Gillian Mitchell


Tribuo, Latin for “I give”, provides an opportunity for investment in outstanding South African artists and their careers.

The performing arts have been hard hit by the Covid pandemic. The local industry has ground to a halt with the ban on public gatherings, the closing of theatres and entertainment centres and the cancellation of various arts festivals.

The arts industry in South Africa is predominantly a freelance environment and as a result of the pandemic, many artists and technicians have lost work opportunities. The Tribuo Fund is an initiative to give the performing arts some much-needed support in these difficult times. Tribuo, Latin for “I give”, provides an opportunity for investment in outstanding South African artists and their careers.

This non-profit company has been founded in collaboration with Karen Meiring (kykNET), Cornelia Faasen (NATi – Nasionale Afrikaanse Teater-inisiatief) and the Feesteforum (Aardklop, KKNK, Innibos, Suidoosterfees, Vrystaatfees and the Toyota SU Woordfees) to support freelance artists. This fund is dependent on contributions by avid supporters of arts festivals and the arts in general. Contributions can be made by a private person, corporate institutions or philanthropic donors. And 18A tax certificate will be issued on request.

Contributions can be made anonymously or donors can choose to receive recognition as official donors to the fund. Contact for more information about donation possibilities.

Artists can apply for assistance from Monday 6 July. Applications will be handled by a panel of independent industry experts.

Who can apply:

• South African citizens or permanent South African residents;

• freelance performing artists such as actors, musicians, dancers, technicians, writers, directors, choreographers and other staff members that make it possible for work to be staged;

• people that aren’t working on a regular contract or term contract for any organisation, institution or production house;

• artists who can prove that work they signed for from 15 March to 21 December 2020 has been cancelled or postponed, or can show the unlikelihood of further work opportunities in 2020;

• artists in dire financial need because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic;

• artists who can show participation over the past three years in at least two productions at a recognized arts festival;


• can show participation in a minimum of three productions over the past three years at a producing theatre;


• can show participation in at least two locally produced films and/or TV-series;

• artists who are not full-time workers, management members, directors, administrators or immediate family members of any of the fund’s partners;

• artists who have notreceived an assistance allowance of more than R10 000 during the past three months;

• artists able to provide a SARS tax number and show tax compliant status.

The founding members (and organisations) of the Tribuo Fund share their expertise free of charge with no expectation of payment by the fund. The interim management committee consists of Karen Meiring (kykNET), Cornelia Faasen (NATi), Dr Leslie van Rooi (Stellenbosch University), representatives of arts festivals and other stakeholders from the industry. PWC have been appointed auditors of the fund.

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