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SCENE IT: Zip Zap’s got the Spirit

Maria Kearns


If you’re in the mood for gravity-defying feats with a satisfyingly local flavour, there’s no time to waste before seeing Zip Zap’s MOYA.

Over the course of 90 shows in 13 cities, Zip Zap Circus performed to over 350 000 people during their tour of France and Switzerland at the beginning of 2023, showcasing their Proudly South African talent to the world. Now they're back in Cape Town to transport audiences into a world of wonder and excitement in MOYA.

‘Moya’ means ‘spirit’, and that’s something this show has in abundance. Billed as ‘an infusion of contemporary and traditional circus’, MOYA tells Jacobus’ story, a simple, heartwarming down-and-out-to-clown-about story, through acrobatics, gumboot dancing, pantsula, and a variety of circus skills. At the heart of it all is the message that a sense of belonging can change the narrative of the youth of this country. 

The energy’s truly infectious and the exuberant performances could put a smile on even the weariest of faces. If you need something to shake you out of your winter slump, you could do a lot worse than MOYA.

Accompanied by new music by Josh Hawks, the skilled performers had the audience in the palm of their hand as they swung around on trapeze and silk, danced, tumbled, and unicycled their hearts out, and—a highlight—did some incredibly impressive moves with an oversized hoop.

Hawk partnered with local musicians and voices, including Freshly Ground’s Zolani Mahola as well as Zip Zap performer, Jason Barnard. Barnard not only recorded with Hawk but performs some of his self-written lyrics live during the show. His lyrics aids in the telling of the transformative story of struggle, hope and eventually joy.

MOYA, proudly supported by the City of Cape Town and Primedia Outdoor, can be seen at the Artscape Opera House at 14:00 on Sunday, 6 August 2023. Tickets are available through Computicket. After the Cape Town run, MOYA heads to Johannesburg for a limited season at The Teatro at Montecasino from 31 August – 10 September 2023.


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