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SCENE IT: You will want to come back for another slice of Pizza's Here

Theatre Scene Cape Town


Heading to our first ever play reading on Wednesday, we had to wonder how interesting can such a reading really be in comparison to a full on production. We really didn’t know what to expect when walking into the Artscape Arena for the reading of Jeremeo le Cordeur’s Pizza’s Here.

The experience was definitely a surprise, in a very good way! The actors/readers were so animative and energetic in their presentation of the characters that you almost felt like you were watching them act out every scene in your mind’s eye with full comic book style colour vividness.

The dynamic between the two step brothers, Dean and Jerry, who are “gifted” with an unexpected life changing pizza delivery, are also so well scripted that it translates perfectly into the love-hate relationship you could realistically expect, which gets audience buy-in for the plot from the get go.

This reading was fun and funny, and on top of all a great way for us as audience members to be part of the play development process, which leaves you invested and wanting to hear more. We can’t wait to “see” this play reading again, because if we have to be honest it has in quality and theatre experience surpassed some of the full play theatre memories we have collected over the years. Seeing this script develop and take shape to a full-on production is definitely a theatre journey we want to be part of.

And what a bonus to get to experience our first ever live reading with theatre friend and Content Writer for Cape Town Tourism, Fazielah Williams, who perhaps describes the experience best:

“Who knew theatre could be such a super hero like powerful experience?! Seeing Pizza's Here being read with such passion gave me a rarer and much appreciated insight into the acting experience ... what a gift to receive from such a talented writer and cast. Bravo!”

Congratulations to writer Jeremeo le Cordeur, Vulture Productions, and Pizza’s Here cast on a live play reading exceptionally well executed! We look forward to the next slice of theatre fun.


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