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SCENE IT: Show & Tell

Theatre Scene Cape Town


If we are all truthful, we would admit that everyone loves a good gossip, and show biz gossip is the best kind. So add some music and flair and you have a winning recipe for a show! What is that show called, you ask? Well Show and Tell naturally!

This biz-gossip exposé, is currently on stage at the Kalk Bay Theatre, where the talented duo of Michele Maxwell and Roland Perold takes you through their (and other’s) telling stories of industry woes and wows.

It is a perfect blend of stories and tunes that, although both have light piano fingers and silky voices, highlight Perold as the exceptional pianist he is and places the spotlight on Maxwell as a diva that can out sing the best of the biz ladies.

Their arrangements are beautiful, and their repertoire selected with just the appropriate touch of comedy and wit, that it provides a great evening of theatre entertainment.

Combine that with a pre-show cocktail and post-show cortado, whizzed up by the fab theatre duo Vanessa Harris and Ash Searle, and you have a glam theatre night out all dished up ready for your enjoyment at the vibey Kalk Bay Theatre.

Show and Tell runs until 31 May and tickets can be book online.


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