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Scene It: Rocky, Frank, Brad, they are all back! And we are shivering with antici...pation!

Theatre Scene Cape Town


So, our favourite transvestite is back in town and he is making The Fugard Theatre his home again until 2 November 2014! If that news doesn’t make you jump to the left, we don’t know what will.

Yes, we admit that we have seen this version of The Rocky Horror Show 4 times already. And yes, we admit that we may be somewhat fanatical supporters of this cult musical movement ... just maybe, just a little.

This may be puzzling to you, and we can see you frowning, wondering why, apart from the fact that this production of Richard O’Brien’s iconic rock musical was nominated for no less than 9 Fleur du Cape Theatre Awards 2014 and features Paul du Toit (Nominee for his role of Brad), Jenny Stead (Nominee for her role of Janet), Brendan Van Rhyn as Dr Frank-N-Furter (Best Actor in a Musical), Andrew Laubscher as Riff Raff (Best Supporting Actor in a Musical) and Daneel van der Walt as Magenta (Best Supporting Actress in a Musical), this is something that one can get slightly addicted to? Don’t we have any restraint and will power to just say no to Rocky? Short answer, uhm have you seen Rocky? Or Frank? Or Brad? So many choices, so little girls night out evenings to fit them all into!

Well seeing as our opinion may be regarded as somewhat, let’s say, biased after that acknowledgement, we decided to ask some theatre friends to tell you why your life will forever be left unfulfilled if you don't see this show, again, and again, and again....

“I'd say Rocky Horror has 3 kinds of hotness: 1. The obvious, Rocky in those gold hotpants. 2. The Geeky, Oh Brad. 3. The "I didn't know that was so hot", a loud transvestite who works his high heels in a way I never can. Then there's Riffraff... it's very confusing ;)”

Jana van Heerden

“Rocky Horror is such a rich production you need to go more than once to be truly enraptured by the magnificent set, fabulous costumes, amazing effects and of course the got-to-sing-along-songs. One time is not enough because this show is so much fun it is probably not legal! I’m ready for my third time!”

Christine Skinner

“3 reasons to go see Rocky Horror (even AGAIN):

- Dressing up (with some costumes being "dressing less")!

- You actually know the words to the songs. As a bonus, you can also sing along in your car for weeks before and after.

- You have to take a picture with Shuan Smit (Rocky), even if only to prove to your mom that you are really, really short.”

Charmaine van der Merwe

“Reasons why you have to go and see The Rocky Horror Picture Show if you have been living under a rock (yes, Capetonians I'm looking at you) and did not go and see it the first time the run was extended and then extended and then extended again... because of public demand... oh wait and then they extended it again...

If for some reason you avoided reading the newspaper, closed down your Facebook account and thus missed all your friends check-in or tag themselves in pictures with the Rocky Horror cast at The Fugard Theatre, ignored twitter, missed the billboards at the airport and surrounds you may have missed that the ICONIC Rocky Horror Picture Show was staged in Cape Town with a phenomenal cast, won some awards went to Joburg and have returned.

Or maybe you noticed all of the above but felt that "maybe it's just a little too mainstream, bru" you are a hipster. It's ok. No one would have read your blog about it anyway.”

Suzaan Keyter

So if you are not that hipster bru, you'll see that we haven’t yet lost the plot totally when we say go book your tickets now already at Computicket! So do it and then bask in the antici ....... pation of doing the time warp again!


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