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Scene It: Oscar and the Lady in Pink

Theatre Scene Cape Town


As Sandra Prinsloo states in this play, a thought that you don't share, can eat you up from the inside like a cancer. So we just have to share our thoughts on the most amazing letters to God one can ever be privy to... those penned by an inquisitive 10 year old child, the inspirational Oscar. Throughout the play, he challenges you to consider how you would live your whole life in 12 days. Who would you love, who would you trust and who would you protect from the big bad ghosts of the world. Under the direction of Lara Bye, the play penned by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt (originnaly in French Oscar et la dame rose) comes to life on stage aided with the the brilliant acting of Sandra Prinsloo. The magic of this trio's creative touch gives expression to the innocent perspective of a child - something adults are far to eager to out grow. In this play you get to witness the phenomenal Sandra Prinsloo as the ultimate transfomer, flawslessly changing between characters and leaping through years in front of your eyes. This all while the bed time story type music gives you just enough time to process your thoughts, before Oscar or Grandma Rosa play with your heartstrings. And you can't walk out of the theatre with our heart untouched by these two. This is a beautiful emotional journey... one of tenderness and sadness, cushioned with just enough laugh-tears to make your own heart grow with every letter Oscar writes. You will unknowingly find yourself holding your breath to not tear up every time you hear these two heart breaking words ... "Love, Oscar". We are so grateful to have "met" him on his life journey. This is a little character of a boy that has a life changing story to tell you. We hope you will go listen to his beautiful tale of love and hope, fearlessly told in the face life ever fleeting.

Book at Computicket before 23 August, and let Oscar and Aunt Rosa take you by the hand and walk you through the miracle of life. The production will be performed in English the first, third and fourth weeks of the run, and in Afrikaans the second week. It is worth booking to see this play in both Afrikaans too, as the translation by Naomi Morgan brings yet another beauitiful dimension to this already amazing theatre experience.


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