SCENE IT: NOIR, a true tease!

Barbara Loots


FollowSpot Productions' latest naughty-but-nice cabaret-offering is NOIR, and it is a tantalising delight in their new Kalk Bay Theatre home. A mix of darkly intriguing and lighter tongue-in-cheek moments, it provides just the right degree of silliness to make you forget about the madness of the world for 90 minutes.

With her sultry voice and sassy presence, Hannah Hishin amps up the allure of the production from the moment you step into the theatre: she treats the audience to some songs even before the show starts on a mysterious note. Hishin’s performance throughout the show gives it a particularly enticing spark. Her vocals, along with a great stage presence, are so unique it makes her performance unforgettable. We would very happily sit through a show built around her talent in a heart-beat. She’s a star!

On the cleverly extended stage, NOIR showcases dance numbers that tease and delight with the cast showing off their talent in flawless sequences involving a smorgasbord of dance techniques that would sit very easily in dance studios across the world. The dance troupe —Ash Searle, Vanessa Harris, Bradley Searle, Emily Isted, Jessica Kohler and Liam Gillespie— takes you on a great tour of a variety of genres through toe-tapping vignettes of contrasting moments. Some of these moments are beautifully dark (verging on disturbing in the best way) and others leave you wishing you brought an umbrella to the show, because it’s definitely raining men. Tip, when sitting in the front row you may even feel the splash! There may be a missing pussy (cat), which calls for Harris to make you giggle guiltily … “poor pussy, pussy cat”, while Bradley Searle even gets handsy with a coat rack. In the mix you will also be treated to a lovely Clair de Lune, where the dancing moon naughtily moons the audience.

From fun tap sequences to French style cirque moments, NOIR has something for every adult if you are always wondering what could happen on a dark and stormy night when someone whispers, “I want to do bad things to you…”

This provocative cabaret-style production is Kalk Bay Theatre’s first adult show. You have until 15 May 2021 to go see the sensual NOIR that is a mixture of acrobatics, dance and witty, playful innuendo —a true tease.

All COVID-19 protocols apply. Strictly no under 18s. Book online at