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SCENE IT: Love & Prozac

Theatre Scene Cape Town


We found the best Girls Night Out theatre option in Cape Town... Love & Prozac with Sonia Esqueira at the Baxter Theatre. It is side-splitting, dating-don’t fun, dished up as comedy with a twist of reality-truth

Let’s face it, we all have at least one or two “check for the nearest exit” kind of disaster date stories that could just as well have been part of the hilarious plot of this show. Maybe that is why this show, directed by Emmy-nominated John Trengove, is so funny. Deep down we all need to laugh at how silly we once were in one or other situation in pursuit of this thing called love... which clearly could and would drive any one to the occasional Prozac.

So rally the troops (whether your partner or the gals) and head out to the Baxter to go laugh as you reminisce or commiserate or burst out in fits of camaraderie giggles as Sonia takes you on a trip down dating-don’t-lane, which surprisingly makes you feel very positive and light as you leave the Baxter Golden Arrow Studio.

So guess what we are doing tonight? Yes indeed, heading out to go so Love & Prozac again with the girls! Book your tickets (R130) at Computicket for this comedy night of fun, before run ends 31 May.


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