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SCENE IT: Lottering at his best at the Baxter

Barbara Loots


Marc Lottering is currently onstage with his latest stand-up offering, SO I WROTE THAT MUSICAL, at the Baxter Theatre until 6 January 2024.

Lottering has been touring with this show over the last year. Finally we got to see this much anticipated production too, and it had us howling with laughter. The level of comedy in this show is not only standard stand-up funny, but elevated with a good dose of personal relatability and witty observations about the world.

At the centre of it all is the reality check theme that things can get "kakkererer" (obviously pronounced with a quintessential Lottering delivery), with which Lottering gives himself permission to punch reality in the face instead of just running away from it through giggles of escapism. And we're here for it. The harder the punch, the more therapeutic the laughs. And perhaps that is the charm of this show: instead of being comedy escapism it rather offers hilarious stand-up group therapy. And goodness knows, the world needs a lot more of that at the moment.

Lottering unpacks every day trials and tribulations in a way that invites you to laugh in the face of our collective and individual "kak" realities, because you know... it can always get "kakkererer".

Now a proud Woodstock local (though his dog, Hamilton, is still a Camps Bay hound in spirit), Marc shares a lot about himself in this show, from childhood memories, love found, friends lost, pets adopted, travel trauma survived and moves made. And by doing that he not only grabs you by the funny bone, but also by the heart.

SO I WROTE THAT MUSICAL does briefly reflect on his experience of creating Aunty Merle the Musical, but it's less about that event and more about the journey that brought him there and the personal gains that followed.

The show is introspective, reflective and honest sharing, packaged as some of the best stand-up I've seen in a long time.

Sometimes sitting in a comedy show I get a sense of déjà vu, knowing that somewhere I've heard a similar skit or seen a sketch before in another show. But not here. Lottering's comedy and style is original to him; there’s no borrowing from anyone. The years lived has made him the comedian he is today. A master of his craft, he should be bestowed the title of Lord of Laughs, because he delivers what he promises, and then some, in his own unique way.

SO I WROTE THAT MUSICAL is exactly the comedy tonic one needs right now, as we all try to exhale at the end of this year on speed. All hail Lord Lottering!

You can catch him onstage in SO I WROTE THAT MUSICAL at the Baxter Theatre until 6 January 2024. Tickets are available online through Webtickets.

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