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SCENE IT: Henry... the last man on 'earth'

Barbara Loots


Somewhere in a post-apocalyptic desert, Henry the last man on earth battles the elements and his inner demons…

With the critter Harold as his only companion and a darn crow circling him like the memories that haunt him, Henry contemplates the terrifying reality of the solitude he so longed for.

The power of this amazing show, which played to a sold out house last night at Alexander Upstairs, lies in the small details. From Scot Coopers facial expressions that make you believe that you can also feel the scorching sun on your face, to the “mind the sand” inspired small elements that you find scattered on the theatre floor upon entering.

The genius of this script comes alive through these subtle elements, amplified by the powerful performance of Scot Cooper as he becomes the foodless, directionless and most of all will-less Henry.

As he shares his memories of his lost love Alice, Denis the video guy and Norman the car guard, you see how being isolated with only your thoughts can be either a blessing of encouragement or a curse of self-judgement.

Much like Noah and the Ark, Henry and the Sand tried to welcome his fellow Karoo friends into his safe haven before tragedy struck… but did the tragedy hit the other people or just Henry? That is all revealed with the drop of a spoon, and a twist of a plot that will leave you in awe of the brilliance of this one man play.

Running at Alexander Upstairs (Alexander Bar, Café & Theatre in Strand Street) until Saturday 10 October at 7pm, with tickets a mere R80 if you book online, this glimpse into the mind of a man deserted is a must see!


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