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SCENE IT: Teasing, tantalizing EROS at Gate69

Barbara Loots


Life needs a reset way back to the first apple… and the Trolley Dollies™ are ready to push all the buttons to do just that. The divas are back to spill the love-yourself, say-it-as-it-is T as they delve into the question of the origin of love (and lust, and allure) in their latest Gate69 offering, EROS.

EROS is the history lesson you wish you got at school (but no one dared speak of), asking and answering the important question: How the f*ck did we end up here?

The line of historic moments messing with the ways of Aphrodite is a long one, and EROS leaves no Darwin theory or Botticelli creation untouched. And no, we can’t just blame it all on the Victorian era (even though that veil of secrecy did weigh heavily when it comes to the suppression of self-awareness…) because, human nature always begs for a bit of a peek at the hidden delights.

Thanks to Prof Specific, Dr Know-It-All and Nurse Vokol, this journey through the Eros-ages is a most pleasurable one. From the origin of vibrators and the brassiere to the tik-tok-truth reality we find ourselves in, EROS is a rambunctious theatrical orgy with tastefully teasing nudity and songs that will make you wish you could strut your stuff through life with all the appeal of Prince’s ‘Cream’. Who says you can’t!

EROS is a fun show for anyone with a sense-of-humour, a bit of a naughty side and a real need for a night out at the theatre —goodness knows we’ve all been deprived enough of any form of fun that it’s certainly time for our own renaissance.

EROS is onstage at Gate69 until 1 May 2021 to tantalise all that are willing to see beyond the disaster of human kind and embrace the revelation that celebrating one’s body is a beautiful affair. Book your tickets online at


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