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SCENE IT: Dancing through the zodiac with WE BELONG TO THE STARS

Barbara Loots


In celebration of its 30th year, the Waterfront Theatre School (WTS) dedicates their dance production to the memory of co-founder Keith Galloway who choreographed a show by the same name those many years ago. Though the name is a nod to that production, the current show takes a fresh new look at all the different dance styles the students are trained in.

A mix of modern and classic, WE BELONG TO THE STARS, celebrates the elements (earth, wind, water and fire), with a dance nod to the different star signs (as associated with the elements) too.


It is always lovely to see young artists live their dream and work on their craft. The trajectory on which these students are placing their dancing careers are clear in WE BELONG TO THE STARS.

Synchronicity may not always have been on their side the night we viewed the production, and the friends and parents in the audience may have been a bit more involved than with a standard professional production, but we do appreciate this is a showcase of the talent of the WTS Students both for their loved ones and for the public – so maybe keep that in mind if you venture out to see this production.

Some of the highlights from the show were ‘Cancer – The Crab’ (choreographed by Shona Brabant), ‘Earth’ (choreographed by James Bradley) and ‘It’s Too Darn Hot’ (choreographed by Genna Galloway). Two of the students were also particularly charming (both in technique and stage presence) to watch: Orefile Tilodi and Millicent Mangate.

You have until 24 September 2022 to see the WTS students go interstellar with their latest dance showcase, WE BELONG TO THE STARS at the Lane Theatre at the WTS with tickets available online via TIXSA.



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