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SCENE IT: Big Boys definitely got the moves!

Barbara Loots


They say a change is as good as a holiday, and what better place for a holiday than Kalk Bay Theatre, where you have the ocean calm, the inviting historic venue, cocktails & food to die for and then there is the addictive entertainment energy that only Follow Spot’s Ash and Vanessa can add to the mix!

I loved Kalk Bay Theatre before, but since this dynamic duo's September take-over, I am totally infatuated with this theatre gem.

After a long day in the normal world, walking through its inviting wooden doors is like Narnia for the theatre lover, you know every show awaiting you on the other side will take you to a new world of total escapism… and Big Boys II did just that for me.

Actually it took me somewhere else in the world, to London via India all in an hour and had me dancing in my seat to amazing tunes while traveling. Big Boys II is one of those relax and let your our hair down fun nights out that will leave you thoroughly entertained by the larger-than-life dance moves of ridiculously talented brothers Ash and Brad Searle.

These boys will have you squealing in your seat with laughter, as they dance their way to London and back, interpreting Brad’s theory that “men are from mars and women are from hell”. This they do while following a code in THE book that only Brad understands … all in an attempt to get Ash to the altar on time ... maybe.

With their dance moves I am willing to bet that they can take the Step Up dance crew in a dance off and teach them a thing or two still! Combine their sleek moves with the witty script penned by the Vanessa Harris and I promise you this is a show you won’t want to miss out on.

Catch Big Boys II at the relaunched funky Kalk Bay Theatre & Restaurant until 21 September for some compulsory viewing, as you will want to watch Big Boys II at least once before seeing Ash and Brad in Big Boys Don’t Dance at Cape Town Fringe 26 September – 5 October. Then as an added bonus the boys will also be showing that theatre people care by joining the Dancers Love Dogs line-up for a must see show at Artscape Theatre on 4 October. What is not to love when they have heart, soul and moves!

Oh and a special thank you shout-out to the two Big Boys’ Mr Dad who made sure that I had a very special viewing seat indeed, cause a splash of water after seeing all the amazing dancing up close was just the cool down that I needed. I think you could sell that seat ticket at double the price. Loved every moment of the grand reopening of KBT and I will definitely be back soon!


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