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PRESS: New thriller, THE RANGERS, set to enthral all at the Baxter

Falstaff Play Co.


Daniel Newton makes his directorial debut with the psycho thriller THE RANGERS, which opens at the Baxter Theatre Centre’s Masambe Theatre on 15 March 2023.

The Falstaff Play Co presented THE RANGERS is a psychological thriller with dark comedic undertones. It follows childhood best friends, Zakes and Charlie, as they look for Zakes’ brother, who disappeared 10 years ago after a family tragedy. When they find him, sickening secrets are uncovered, and the closeness of the two friends and the estranged brother is profoundly disturbed.

Newton has always dreamed of writing and directing his own play, “Between my mom and dad’s work, I basically grew up in a rehearsal room”. In putting his first play to paper, he found himself profoundly inspired by the absurdity and quick witted dialogue of his literary heroes Martin Mcdonagh and Edward Albee.

Making his debut as a playwright he has also surrounded himself with fellow actors who inspire him. THE RANGERS sees him working closely with award winning veteran actor Nicholas Pauling and Newton’s contemporaries Aidan Scott and Lyle October.

“I first met Nicholas Pauling about eighteen years ago when he was playing Amadeus which was directed by my mother. He has been a mentor and a best friend ever since. He is quite truly one of the most remarkable actors I have seen”, says Newton.

Pauling also draws on nostalgia and shares in the excitement of being part of this new production:

“It’s thrilling to work with these three young, exciting, vital talents. People who are looking for the antidote to mediocrity. I’ve known Dan since he was eight, I’ve worked with both his mom and pops, so there’s a cyclical feeling. We used to play cricket in the drama school parking lot, when he was a boy, now I’m taking direction from him and saying his words, which is rock n roll. So hopefully we can kick some d**ks!”

The appeal of being part of this dynamic new work is similarly shared by Aidan Scott and Lyle October:

“It’s refreshing being a part of something that pushes the boundaries of where theatre is able to go. I get excited at every idea that comes forth in the rehearsal room because I’ve often never seen something like it before. Working with a duo of excellent actors and a cracking new director is a real pleasure.” – Aidan Scott

“Two weeks into the rehearsal process of THE RANGERS and it's been a delight to see the work come to life. Working with Aidan and Nicolas has been seamless and developing this new and exciting script has been amazing. To put this production on at the Baxter Theatre adds to that excitement and it really will be a spectacle for all. Come watch!" – Lyle October

The words and acting of this talented troupe will be visually amplified by award-winning stage design Patrick Curtis.

The production promises to have audiences on the edge of their seats. THE RANGERS will be onstage at the Baxter Theatre Centre’s Masambe Theatre from 15 March until 1 April 2023. Tickets are available online through Webtickets at R150 per person. Block bookings, student and pensioner discounts available.


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