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PRESS: Women’s Month Festival at The Drama Factory celebrates South African stories

Christine Skinner


Celebrating South African women through music, comedy and drama, the second Women’s Month Festival – Your Voice, Your Stage runs at The Drama Factory from 9 to 20 August.

Presented by The Drama Factory and F Creations, the Women’s Month Festival – Your Voice, Your Stage highlights female-centric productions, presenting stories created by and performed by women.

Featuring a line-up with something for everyone to enjoy, the programme includes Mike van Graan’s acclaimed satire, He Had it Coming, starring Kim Blanche Adonis; Gail Louw’s arresting play The Good Dad, featuring Erika Breytenbach-Marais; Rocksteady's Women Of Rock Tribute Show, guaranteed to get you dancing; the delightful physical comedy 'n Gek Vir Jou performed by Ane' Koegelenberg en Christie Van Niekerk; romantic comedy The Authentic Way to Fake It written by Angelica Hattingh and Bianca Rasmussen and fabulous drag musical, The Muses: Hades Gonna Hate.

Another highlight on the programme is one performance only by Angel’s Angels!” says Festival co-producer Sue Diepeveen. “Angel Campey and her dynamic team of Angels - Mel Jones, Kate Pinchuck and Tumi Mkha’ - bring their special brand of stand-up comedy to the Festival. Catch these astoundingly talented and funny women, as heard on Angel’s Smile 90.4FM drive time show, The Joyride.”

Our aim for the festival is to promote women working in the arts, as well as give a voice to female stories, honouring the strength and tenacity of women in South Africa. We are also striving to create jobs and income for the arts sector that is still finding its feet after the pandemic,” says Festival co-producer, Faeron Wheeler.


The 2023 Festival programme includes:.


Satire Sketch Comedy, No U16s, R150

Performed by Kim Blanche Adonis. Written and directed by Mike van Graan, following original direction by Daniel Mpilo Richards. Presented by MVG Productions

In the tradition of the award-winning Pay Back the Curry and the Bafana Republic franchise, Mike van Graan's multi-sketch He Had It Cominghighlights themes related to the scourge of gender-based violence in a manner that will move and provoke audiences, even while thoroughly entertaining them.


“Slick. Funny. Poignant. Powerful. .. 60 minutes of punch with Kim Blanché Adonis totally rocking this satirical round-up.” - Karen Rutter - Weekend Special


“the opportunity to laugh and enjoy a delicious catharsis.” - Klara van Rooyen - Broadway World



Music, R180-R200

RockSteady with Sharyn Seidel Kometz, Pamela Levesque, Colin Plit, Damian Rijkers and Josh Buchalter.

RockSteady's Women of Rock Tribute Showmoves between decades from the 60’s until the 2000’s, highlighting 27 iconic women in music!

From Janis to Alannis, Patti Smith to Pink, and Blondie to the Bangles, RockSteady performs songs that everyone remembers and loves, reminding their audiences how women have always been at the forefront of music alongside the boys, and highlighting how their footprint in the world of music has grown with each decade. RockSteady’s Women of Rock is an energetic and fun musical feast that gets audiences on their feet singing and dancing in the aisles all night long!


Physical None-Verbal Comedy, No U13s, R150

Starring Ane' Koegelenberg and Christie Van Niekerk.

Two clowns, Yanni and Laurel, are looking for love in Stellenbosch. This quest requires them to face many challenges of the 21st century. They leave no stone unturned. Will their efforts drive these two best friends apart or bring them closer together? A clowning comedy about friendship, courting and love. 'n Gek vir jou is the winner of the 2022 Première Theatre Festival.

"Dit jou laat lag, dit vat jou op ’n heerlike emosionele reis, maar uiteindelik laat dit bloot jou hart" - Nadine Petrick (Litnet)


Stand-up Comedy, R180-R200

With Angel Campey, Mel Jones, Kate Pinchuck and Tumi Mkha’.

The Angel's Angels are a group of Stand-up Comedians who also happen to be women. Amongst the four of them there are multiple awards, sold out shows, international headline slots and plenty of hilarious issues. You have probably heard them on Smile 90.4fm where they have a standing feature daily at 17:10 on The Joyride with Angel Campey. 

Angel named them her Angels because it's a pun on Charlie's Angels but she promises the calibre of stand up is better than that joke. 

Expect a diverse night of comedy as each comedian speaks to her own personal life experiences. Everything from new-borns and newlyweds to single moms and teaching English in Asia. You're in for an evening of laughter as each of these hilarious women take to the stage.


Drama, Trigger Warning: GBV Adult Content, No U16s, R150

Performed by Erika Breytenbach-Marais. Written by Gail Louw. Direction and translation by Paul du Toit. Lighting design by Lize-Marie van Rooyen. Sound design by Jahn Beukes. Presented by Unlikely Productions.

A good dad. A happy family. A dark secret. A young woman is sitting in a prison cell. A serious crime has been committed. But what precisely? And why? Everyone thought they were a lovely family. But every family has something to hide and drawn curtains hide dark secrets.

Erika Breytenbach-Marais (Fleur du Cap nomination for Best Actress 2022) delivers a solo performance which takes the audience on a magical theatre journey with the use of a single prop, staggering design, and an almost unbelievable story. Breytenbach-Marais received her second Fleur du Cap nomination for Die Goeie Pa in 2023.


Drag Musical, No U16s, R150

Written, directed and produced by Kimberley Buckle.

While on a seemingly normal quest to grace the mortals with Divine Intervention and Godlessly Wisdom (angelic choir sound effect), The Muses receive a troubling phone call from Hades Herself, to inform them that they are all Ancient Greek Ruins fading into oblivion... unless, of course, they sell their souls- I mean, sign up to a new social media App to boost their FAME & CELEBRITY before it's too late! What could possibly go wrong?

This Lip-Sync Drag Musical features songs from; Britney, Beyonce, The Pussy Cat Dolls, Cardi B... and many more feisty Diva's.   The Art of Drag has always been a celebration of femininity and self-expression, and this show does just that by paying tribute to some of the greatest female music icons of all time as well as celebrating new up and coming performers.


Comedy, No U13s, R150

Directed by: Bianca Rasmussen. Produced by A&B Productions.

After sold out shows in Joburg, The Authentic Way to Fake It is proud to be back in its home town.

This romantic comedy explores the journey of Fern, an introverted and sarcastic writer who lands up trapped in her escape plan AT a prestigious event….

The bathroom. As the minutes tick by she comes to realise that the door is an obstacle rather than her saviour, while meeting a myriad of characters who explore the facade of authenticity, the detachment of connection and the question of identity.

Bookings for all shows can be made at or contact 073 215 2290.

The Drama Factory is situated at 10 Comprop Sq, Henry Vos Close, Asla Business Park, Strand, Western Cape. Parking is available at the venue.

With its fully licensed bar and cosy, welcoming atmosphere, The Drama Factory is the perfect venue to enjoy top-quality entertainment with a group of friends or family. The solar-powered invertor ensures the show will always go on, even when there is load-shedding!

Make a staycation of a visit to The Drama Factory, booking in with one of their wonderful accommodation partners. Spend the night at The Views Guesthouse, 185 on Beach or Majorca House to enjoy the beauty and many other activities on offer in the surrounding Helderberg region. Visit the website for further details.

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