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PRESS: Touching drama THE MOON LOOKS DELICIOUS FROM HERE soon at The Drama Factory

Christine Skinner


Touching drama THE MOON LOOKS DELICIOUS FROM HERE at The Drama Factory 15 to 17 September.

The touching human drama of an immigrant family to South Africa, set against the final years of apartheid, The Moon Looks Delicious From Here explores how heritage and identity are formed in a first generation citizen. 

Written and performed by Aldo Brincat and directed by Sjaka Septembir, it will be presented at The Drama Factory from 15 to17 September.

Through the mediums of physical theatre, mime and characterisation, THE MOON LOOKS DELICIOUS FROM HERE, is a 70 minute, one-man theatre show which explores immigrant family dynamics and how they shape identity and heritage in a first-generation citizen. Brincat is that first generation citizen, with a complex heritage.

Born in the mid 1960’s Brincat and his family find their maturing years are set against the backdrop of a country in the convulsions of political upheaval. The drama is driven by a loving father and son - each from different eras and motherlands. Here Brincat plays an array of characters in and around this fragile young nuclear family; some foreign, some local - all of whom are finding, or losing themselves in the ever-changing political landscape of their new homeland, South Africa.

Aldo’s primary career is in the Performing Arts, having studied in Paris under the legendary Jacques Le Coq. Brincat Productions was then established upon his return to Durban, KZN, with a focus on community theatre initiatives and site-specific work. Standout moments, among many, include: An invitation to perform for His Excellency, Nelson Mandela, on his birthday in 1997. An invitation to showcase his environmental theatre work, Woza Waste Water, at the Wold Bank in Washington D.C. in 2000. In 2006, he relocated to Gaborone Botswana, where he taught Theatre Studies and Theory of Knowledge at two independent private schools over a period of 12 years. Brincat’s theatre pedigree served as the foundation for his recent expansion and immersion in visual arts. In 2018, he relocated to South Africa, where he is seeking to increase his knowledge, particularly in visual arts. To this end, in 2020, he completed his postgraduate degree at UCT’s Michaelis School of Fine Art (with a Distinction). Brincat is currently a Masters student in Visual Arts at Stellenbosch University. To date, he has had multiple solo and group exhibitions in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, England, and recently in India.

THE MOON LOOKS DELICIOUS FROM HERE will be performed at The Drama Factory at 7.30 pm on 15 and 16 September

There will be a matinee on Sunday 17 September at 4pm.

Tickets cost R150 / R130.

Book securely online with a credit card for any show at The Drama Factory by visiting 

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The Drama Factory is situated at 10 Comprop Sq, Henry Vos Close, Asla Business ParkStrand, Western Cape, South AfricaTel: 073 215 2290


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