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Theatre Arts


After almost ten years, Joanna Evans’ hit play ‘The Year of the Bicycle’ returns to Theatre Arts, with a fresh take under new direction and with new performers. This new staging opens on Monday the 30th of May and runs until the 4th of June.

‘The Year of The Bicycle’ is a tale of friendship stretched across race and time. Amelia and Andile, children from very different backgrounds, befriend one another over a garden wall. Ten years later, they have become estranged, and, in separate accidents, fall into a concussion at the same moment. They meet again in each other’s confused minds.

Their bodies are broken but their thoughts are very loud as they reach out for contact. While piecing together fragments of self, their memories draw them back to 1997; the year of Ninja Turtles, bicycles, and tazos. And the year when their friendship was shattered by a place in which it is impossible for even a child to feel at ease. Directed by Dara Beth, ‘The Year of the Bicycle’ stars Kamogelo Mhlantla and Samantha Carlisle in a story just as relevant in 2022 as when it debuted in 2013 (and certainly for years to come).

For more information or to book tickets for ‘The Year of the Bicycle’, visit Theatre Arts' website. Running from 30 May to 4 June at 7pm, tickets are R80 per person.


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