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PRESS: The Outlore presents MAY I HAVE THIS DANCE

The Outlore


This contemporary love story in motion opens on 16 March at Theatre Arts, in Observatory.

May I Have This Dance is a new production by The Outlore that follows the life of a millennial couple who are attempting to navigate delicate psychological terrain, exploring the complexities of childhood trauma's effect on romantic relationships and exposing communication as a tool for connection or a weapon for isolation.

The story jumps through time, briefly pausing to allow the audience a window into the two characters current states of mind and the condition of their relationship.

The production is a hybrid of drama and dance. The concept for May I Have This Dance was born into existence when the two founding members of The Outlore, Liam Tamejen Gillespie (choreographer) & Kimberley Buckle (playwright), compared their two creative passions (dialogue & dance) and wondered if the two could co-exists and bear equal storytelling weight in a production, which then turned into endless discussions about communication, self-expression, love languages, and how important understanding and compassion play in building and maintaining a relationship. This was the inspiration for the style of the production and the material within.

The first staging of May I Have This Dance was in November 2021 at The Galloway Theatre and it was performed in-the-round. Audience members were given a seat that separated them from their viewing partner/group, the intention to have people engage in the story without external influence. The narrative is very intimate and the creative team wanted audiences to experience the piece in isolation, to fully immerse themselves within the narrative in front of them.

The production returns to stage with the original cast, Nkosinathi Mazwai & Amber Morgan and runs from 16 - 24 March, performances at 20:00.

Age Restriction: 16 (LS)

Tickets Available at

R100 General Admission

R80 Student/Concession

Discount for groups of 5+

Social Media

Instagram: @theoutlore

Facebook: The Outlore

YouTube: The Outlore


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