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PRESS: KRAAL brings a sacred ceremony to Suidoosterfees

Cleveland Hopp


KRAAL, a magical reimagining of a writer’s paternal line, forms part of this year’s Suidoosterfees. He seeks healing through performance as ceremony, for the wounds of the country, body and soul trapped in the legacy of an inherited “dop” system.

KRAAL is a performance as sacred ceremony to help make sense of a generational 'dop cycle' for collective transformation. What is a generational 'dop cycle', and who is responsible for breaking it? And how... or why?

KRAAL calls on ancient technologies (passed down through dreams) to recover from the hurt and pain left unchecked in a past-present moment. KRAAL is a Kamiesberg' afrofuture playing with ancestral dreamtime. It journeys through the culture and histories of alcohol dependency, plaguing a Kalit family for generations.

It follows three estranged sisters who grow tired of waiting for their father to return to his grave. Still, even in death, he remains absent. Desperate for him to return, Nana, the youngest sister of the three, prepares sacred medicine to call her father home-as Ousus & Gogo struggle to deal with the traumas of their families' past- and present.

KRAAL is an "unholy confrontation met die evil van onthou" (Veronique Jephtas) to arrive at a state of eros, light, and empathy.

An invitation to listen in/to the urgency to recover the Spirit of qua.

KRAAL is performed by Jason Jacobs and his father, Anthony Jacobs. Indi(genius) music by Frazer Barry, with lighting design by creative producer Bamanye Yeko and costume design by transdisciplinary professional Rosina Theron. KRAAL received Best Debut Text for the script at the Toyota SU Woordfees, Woordtrofees. It is written and developed by Jason Jacobs with the support of the Nasionale Afrikaanse Teater-inisiatief (NATi), the Toyota SU Woordfees and the Matzikama Alcohol & Drug Action.

KRAAL will be performed at the Artscape Theatre as part of the Suidoosterfees on 27 April (13:00) and 28 April (21:00) in the NATi Arena. Tickets can be booked online through Computicket.

With Jason Jacobs Writers: Jason Jacobs and Anthony Jacobs Director: Jason Jacobs Lighting: Bamanye Yeko Costumes: Rosina Theron Sound: Frazer Barry

Language: Afr

Venue: NATi Arena Date and time: 27 April 13:00 | 28 April 21:00

Duration: 65 min

Price: R125 No u/13 L, S


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