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PRESS: Iconic one-woman show, DIE NAAIMASJIEN filmed for KKNK



This is a genuine treat: an award-winning theatre production that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home!

The iconic one-woman show, Die Naaimasjien (The Sewing Machine) by Rachelle Greeff has been filmed especially for the KKNK and is the first show that culture vultures can enjoy in the KKNK virtual theatre at as part of their 2021 programme. The show is Afrikaans, but English viewers will have the option to watch a version with English subtitles.

After hundreds of performances across the country over a period of almost three years, and an unforgettable run at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland, new life is blown into Die Naaimasjien in your living room. If you have not yet met the character Magdaleen, now is your chance.

Sitting in her room in the old-age home, she cleans every part of her sewing machine, because Magdaleen has sold it, and the woman on the phone said that she will be there to collect it at three this afternoon. With compassion and humour Magdaleen takes viewers back to a time of milk deliveries, filter coffee, stockings with seams and white Valiants. And she reminds us that a mother – like a babushka doll – stands within each of her children.

Hennie van Greunen, director and designer of this production, explains how Sandra Prinsloo became Magdaleen: “I tested almost every Afrikaans actress for the role, but just could not find the right one. Sandra – professional as she is – prepared four pages from the script, performed it at my house in Riebeek West, and half a page into her performance we both new that she was Magdaleen.”

Die Naaimasjien had a huge impact on Sandra’s already successful acting career. “It was one of those defining productions where your career takes a new turn. I am immensely grateful that I had the opportunity to play her. The impact on audiences was overwhelming and through Die Naaimasjien Rachelle gave a voice to senior citizens that could not be ignored.”

Greeff explains that creating this acclaimed script has changed her life. “I realised that, if you write from your heart and your kidneys without trying to be clever with tricks and gimmicks – then you speak to the hearts of people. I wish that I could write for theatre full-time. The part that I enjoyed most is that you do not work alone; I write the script and then there is a whole team including people like Sandra and Hennie – how lucky can a girl get!”

The soundtrack that lives in Magdaleen’s memories boasts the vocal talents of, amongst others, Stian Bam, Joanie Combrink, Deon Lotz, Viljé Maritz and Pedro Kruger.

Carien Loubser, award-winning producer and TV director of series like Die Republiek van Zoid Afrika and Jan, captured the production on film. The film is presented by the KKNK in partnership with Brainwave Productions and Wordsmith’s Theatre Factory.

Tickets are now available at Quicket for a limited online run of Die Naaimasjien. Sit back and enjoy the production in the comfort of your own home!


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