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PRESS: Fasten your seatbelts… FLUGHAFEN opens at The Outlore Base this November

Alice Viskat


Conjoining elements of screwball comedy and thrilling, psychological twists, FLUGHAFEN, is a new theatrical experience told by a quintet of the wildest young acting talents in Cape Town. It premieres at The Outlore Base from 15 to 19 November 2023.

The play centres around five strangers trapped in an airport during a vicious storm.

We’ve all been there. You’re in an airport in the middle of the night with four strangers. Your flight’s been delayed, perhaps indefinitely. Outside the windows, a tempest rages that reflects your inner state-of-mind. Tentatively, you reach out to chat to your neighbours. Are you fated to remember this night forever? What strange forces brought you all to this German terminal? What sweet and terrifying secrets will you learn about each other before the night is through?

At turns claustrophobic and liberating, whimsical and tense, FLUGHAFEN is a locked-room mystery quite unlike anything you’ve set your mind to on a South African stage. Think Knives Out meets The Americans in purgatory. You’ll probably want to come back to see it more than twice… It explores all the messy, weird and wonderful trials that come with being human.

FLUGHAFEN is born from the runaway imagination of writer and director, Alice Viskat, and a quintet of the wildest young acting talents in the Cape.

The exciting cast bringing Viskat's vision to life onstage is Melissa Pretorius (Lucy, a kind-hearted soul on a path of self-forgiveness), Josh 'Yoshe' Riley (Janick, a cheeky German airport attendant), Laura Kelly (Sam, a starry-eyed high school graduate), Lee van der Merwe (Rachel, an uptight Brit with the strongest side-eye) and Mihir Soni (Alex, an egotistical finance bro). They are supported by tech wizard Klara Roberts.

Snatch your seats already for the debut run at The Outlore Base on Hout Street from 15 to 19 November 2023! Tickets available for R150 on Quicket. This time next year you’ll be bragging you got to see it before it swept into Makhanda… or even Edinburgh!  

Please note FLUGHAFEN carries an age restriction of 18.


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