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PRESS: DUDE! WA'S MY PHONE? Dean’s Journey Takes a Technological Detour

Vulture Productions


Your favourite Dude! Dean September is back, and this time it’s his newfound lifeline that’s gone amiss in DUDE! WA'S MY PHONE? The award-winning Jeremeo Le Cordeur writes and performs in this Vulture Productions production, which has been developed with the support of KKNK and Suidoosterfees in collaboration with NATi.

When Dean September discovers his phone is missing, the young entrepreneur retraces his steps in a journey fuelled with comedy, tragedy, and dramatic flair. With the help of his friends — played by voice over artists Dean Dorvan Balie, Veronique Jephtas, Lee Roodt, Chenal Kock and a special appearance by #OumaLilly — Dean soon discovers that his world no longer makes sense without his phone.

This production follows the resounding success of Dude! Wa’s My Bakkie?, which earned Jeremeo the noteworthy NATi Rising Star Award in 2019 when it was offered as a double feature along with Jerry, an Unconventional Hero at Suidoosterfees and other festivals.

As was the case with Dude! Wa’s My Bakkie?, DUDE! WA'S MY PHONE? is directed by Dean van der Ventel, and is more than just a theatrical performance. It serves as a means for Jeremeo and his team to delve into hard-hitting social issues through the arts. As Dean tracks his phone down, the audience gains insight into the positive as well as the negative effects of digital consumption from virtual enlightenment to process addiction, doom scrolling and much more.

The set for DUDE! WA'S MY PHONE?  is designed by Gaerin Hauptfleisch and Art Magic Projects, with choreography by Darion Adams and costumes from SeenPha.

DUDE! WA'S MY PHONE? carries an age restriction of 10 years and will be showing at the KKNK from 6 to 9 April and at the Suidoosterfees on 26 April and 1 May. Duration: 60 min

Suidoosterfees performances take place on 26 April at 19:00 and 1 May at 20:30 in the NATi Rep Theatre respectively. Tickets cost R125 and can be purchased via Computicket. Visit for more info.


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