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PRESS: A weekend workshop for writers in Cape Town

Christine Skinner


A weekend workshop for writers will take place at the Women’s Library at the Artscape Theatre on 4 and 5 March.

The workshop is ideal for screenwriters, novelists, playwrights, and anyone who has a story to write. It is aimed at beginners, experienced writers who are unsure of what they are writing, writers who need discipline and motivation, or writers who find the story they are writing dull and lifeless.


The workshop is run by Daniel Dercksen, a published film and theatre journalist of 40 years, who has been teaching workshops and courses in creative writing, playwriting, and screenwriting throughout South Africa since he formed The Writing Studio 22 years ago.


During the weekend writers will take a closer look at who they are as storytellers and what it takes to be a writer, and how to craft a first draft.  The workshop offers an introspective journey into making the most of what they want to write,  exploring genre and audience, the potential and universality of an idea, how to create and develop characters, master structure, and plotting, learning how to write story outlines, and take ownership of their writing.


The objective of the workshop is to understand the process of turning thoughts into visual narrative and writing the first pages of their story. Following the workshop, the writers will receive comprehensive notes to study at their own leisure as they are writing their stories, and be in contact with their coach via email correspondence. The writers can also consider an exclusive one-on-one retreat at The Writing Studio in the heart of the Karoo.


There are four sessions during the weekend, in the mornings from 10am to 1pm, and afternoons from 2pm until 5pm, as well as a Q & A session after each session.


It takes place at the Women’s Library at the Artscape Theatre Centre on the Foreshore in Cape Town and is situated next to the box office in the lower foyer. Internet and free parking are available.


All that is needed for the workshop is a pen, notebook, and vivid imagination.


A portion of the proceeds is donated to the Women’s Library.


For more information on the workshop, send an email:


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