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AUDITIONS: At Milnerton Playhouse on 15 and 16 July for CHRISTMAS IN CAPE TOWN

Milnerton Players


If you can sing and dance or are able to move well and follow choreographed direction then come along and audition at Milnerton Playhouse on the 15 and 16 July 2023. The show will be staged 1 to 16 December 2023.

This new, musical play, set in South Africa, is written and directed by veteran thespian Sheila McCormick with musical direction by Tersia Harley and choreography by Danalia Borman.

In addition to the locally written title song, there are song tunes from a variety of musicals such as A Chorus Line, Fame, The Wizard of Oz, Annie, Mame and Gypsy, plus familiar melodies by songwriters Phil Collins, The Carpenters, the Beatles and others. Julie, Lisa and Craig are three aspiring thespians, sharing a flat in Johannesburg and looking for a part in a show that will start off their careers on the musical theatre stage. Julie plans to spend Christmas with her mum, Sandra, in Cape Town but due to family problems, Lisa and Craig are not looking forward to the holiday. When the friends hear about auditions for a brand-new musical, that will premiere in South Africa and then tour overseas, they start to enthusiastically prepare. Julie is then devastated when her single mum, Linda, phones from Cape Town and tells her that, due to her business having to close, she must come home and find a ‘proper job’ to help out with finances. However, things eventually turn out well for everyone, including Linda, and, as the title suggests, all end up in Cape Town for Christmas.

We are looking for the following cast members:

  • Julie Carrington: Female lead. Early 20s (3 solos, 3 trios, 3 company numbers).

  • Lisa Weldon: Female 2nd lead. Early to mid-20s (2 solos, 3 trios, 3 company numbers).

  • Craig Venter: Male 2nd lead. Early to mid-20s (2 solos, 3 trios, 3 company numbers).

  • Linda Carrington - Julie's mum: Small but very important role (2 solos, 1 company number).

  • Chorus ensemble who play friends, auditionees, directors, etc (3 ensemble, 3 company numbers):

             - Male 1: 20 to 30 years

- Male 2: Mid 40s to 60

- Female 1: Early to mid-20s

- Female 2: 30s to mid-40s

VOCAL AUDITIONS: Saturday 15 July from 13:30.

MOVEMENT AUDITION: Sunday 16 July at 13:00.

All who audition on Saturday will be required to also attend the Sunday audition.

For audition requirements and to book audition slots please e-mail:


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