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Please note that Theatre Scene Cape Town is a passion-project: it's a free service and we run it with available time and resources as allowed from week to week.

Planning is essential for us to help get the word out about upcoming theatre productions.


Kindly keep the following in mind to help us help you:

  • We promote information about shows in and around Cape Town (or at a stretch, Cape Town shows that go to festivals that also draw a Cape Town audience, such as the KKNK and National Arts Festival).

  • We try our best to update the website at least once a week (usually Sunday evenings), but sometimes life happens, and we’ll play catch-up as much as we can as soon as we can.

  • We will respond to all emails (if content so requires) as far as possible as promptly as possible, but please forgive us if we miss one or two along the way –our inbox can become a bit of a jungle at times. You are welcome to send us a reminder if you think we may have missed an email that requires a response and wasn’t just for information.

  • When submitting press releases please do so in word (not pdf) format and provide images. Please provide photo credit details, as it is important to us that photographers are credited for production photos.

  • We plan our review and interview diary ahead of time, a minimum of a month in advance usually. If we receive last minute invitations or requests, we may sadly not be able to come see your show for a review or get an interview out in time. Please give us reasonable advance notice for this purpose.

  • We run ticket give-aways/competition at our discretion (much depending on our social media content diary and programme). Give-aways/competition details must be finalised a week before it is scheduled to run on our social media platforms.

  • We do our best to reflect accurate information. If something changes or if we made an error, please let us know soonest via email.

  • We only accept ‘What’s On’ submissions via email or online submission. We unfortunately do not have the time available to monitor all our social media platforms for direct messages/private message for this purpose. Please also note that images for ‘What’s On’ listings must please be landscape in format —production posters can’t be used or ‘repurposed’.

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