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Forever Plaid

5 - 23 November, Theatre on the Bay

When four young singers are killed in a car crash, they posthumously take the stage for one final gig in this hilariously goofy 1950s nostalgia trip. Forever Plaid is one of the most popular and successful jukebox musicals in recant memory, featuring such hits as "Catch a Falling Star", "Crazy `bout Ya Baby", "Perfidia" and more.

The Gospel According to Jan Coetzee

12 - 21 November, Alexander Upstairs

It is a "soortvan" Passion Play that tells the story of a rural Afrikaans boy who believes he’s been called upon by God to lead the Afrikaner to salvation. Three performers unravel Jan Coetzee’s story by piecing together half-remembered scenes and testimonies that chronicle Afrikaner history and myth making.


29 0ctober - 29 December, Kalk Bay Theatre

A rock inspired show filled with dance, song and crazy comedy.  The show is geared to get you dancing and feeling truly festive this summer.  With a cast of 7 diverse performers you are guaranteed a rock'n roller-coaster of a night. Wild energy, spectacular voices, naughty comedy, world class dance and much more.

The Chronicles of Athena, Babes

11 - 16 November, Masambe Theatre (Baxter Theatre Centre)

Whether it's prepping for first dates (stressful), going to the gynae (very stressful), learning how to give head (extremely stressful & a little scary), trying to tell your parents you've had sex & may be pregnant (incredibly stressful & exceptionally scary), nothing is off the table for this Grecian Martial Hand-to-Hand Combat Squad.

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Scene It: KONINGIN LEAR graces the Baxter stage with theatrical flair

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