Who is John?

Barbara talks to Jeremeo Le Cordeur & Lizanne Peters

This question was bobbing through my mind as I sat down to chat to Jeremeo and Lizanne about the exciting new two-hander John, who is the brain child of actor André Lombard. He  brought the structure, plot and characters to life and then the team workshopped it to put the final touches in place for this very edgy, new theatre piece.

Meeting the Audience's Actor

Barbara talks to James Cairns

On Monday, I was undoubtedly the luckiest theatre fan in our city, as I got to sit down in the trendy Alexander Bar on a stormy Cape Town winters eve to discuss the allure of theatre with the creative mind that is James Cairns. He has thankfully braved our Cape storms to come and charm audiences alongside Taryn Bennett in the Jenine Collocott directed The Snow Goose.

The Fabulous Diva Returns

Barbara talks to Irit Noble

Having the opportunity to sit down for a coffee chat with former Madame Zingara Ring-mistress, Irit Noble, is nothing short of magical. You walk away feeling like a super woman, knowing you can take on the world with the same spunk and spontaneity she does, because it is more than ok to be uniquely fabulous!

Candice talks Understory Blues

Barbara talks to Candice van Litsenborgh

What better way to spend a rainy morning in our Mother City than talking theatre with the very talented Candice van Litsenborgh? That is exactly what we did last Thursday while sipping on our Truth cappuccinos.

Jeremeo shares Pizza

Barbara talks to Jeremeo Le Cordeur

What a treat it was to spend Monday afternoon talking to Jeremeo Le Cordeur about his passion for theatre. This creative soul, born and bred in Wellington, clearly has an unstoppable drive and commitment to his craft.

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