Scene It: THE THREE BLIND MICE get feisty at Gate69

November 6, 2019

You think you know your nursery rhymes? Well, the Trolley Dollies are challenging you to look beyond the obvious to seek the naughty and the twisted in their latest 'down-and-dirty' adult pantomime, The Three Blind Mice. Did you ever see such a sight in your life? Well, I'm willing to bet you'll be happily surprised with this show, as Cathy Specific, Holly, and Molly promise to shock, sass and sing you into the holiday season with light-hearted shenanigans and toe-tapping 70s and 80s tunes.


The story turns on a very simple question: Why did the Farmer’s Wife cut off the tails (and more) of the Three Blind Mice? Oh, and as a bonus, the Trolley Dollies also spill the T as to why they are blind… What happened there!?


The audacious Mice —Cathy (Brendan van Rhyn) as Eileen, Holly (Christopher Dudgeon) as Jolene, and Molly (Rudie Jansen) as Boris— are joined by Ballas the Dog (Luke Jansen), the Farmer’s Wife (Tessa Denton), and Poes the Cat (Kyle Jardine).

Guided by Christopher Dudgeon’s writing and direction, with choreography by Marc Goldberg, Ballas narrates the whole wicked affair, as the Mice embrace their life in eternal shade with their chop-chop-tucked new looks. The Mice explore their love-hate relationship with the knife-wielding, no-name Farmer’s Wife, and spiritedly step it up in their stilettos as they vie for Poes’ lust.


The show may not have a lot of depth as far as narrative is concerned (it's rhyme informed after all), but as a proudly frolicsome musical-comedy it doesn’t need depth to be high-energy entertainment. The minimalistic set serves its purpose sufficiently in providing a kitchen context for the non-stop escapades, while the Trolley Dollies' transformation (from adorable mousy primary school like concert costumes to fabulously mature sexy short skirts, high heels, and bespoke eyewear by The Oculus) is quite the treat.

The drag-flair infused The Three Blind Mice is a fun, happy-go-lucky show that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It offers you a relaxing night out with loads of giggles as the Trolley Dollies and the rest of their feisty troupe shock, amuse, and entice. Let’s not forget that this is all paired with pre-show tasty nibbles served on a lazy Susan under the playful light of a glitter ball and post-show delight of an indulgent Gate69 Purple Palace inspired soft serve tequila ice-cream. I'm slightly obsessed with the latter!


Embrace the vibrant gaiety a visit with the Trolley Dollies entails as you walk the Gate69 red carpet and go explore the mischievous inside scoop of the story behind the rhyme. You have until 21 December 2019 to indulge in the tails and tale of The Three Blind Mice.


Tickets can be booked online at Please note the production carries an age restriction of PG16, so organise a babysitter and go have some dirty, flirty fun. The Dollies also have a dress code for patrons of their Purple Palace: 'Look Fabulous! Gentlemen no sandals or shorts, or Cathy Specific will swallow you whole —and spit nothing out!"





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