Scene It: STOMP your way to the Artscape without delay

September 12, 2019

Years after Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas turned raucousness into a rhapsody with STOMP at the Edinburg Fringe in 1991, it has bashed and smashed its way into the hearts of many theatre lovers on main stages around the world. If you’ve ever wondered when the rhythm is going to get you, the answer is definitely revealed the moment a humble broom swoops onto the stage against a Mad Max-like background of pots, pans, and trashcans.


Described by its creators as a rhythm project that makes everyone want to be a drummer, STOMP has no interval and this adds to the build-up of excitement. Any kind of break in performance would be an injustice to the genius of the flow and sequences that give it its energetic character; STOMP is non-stop entertainment from beginning to end.

The show allows audiences to totally immerse themselves in a world where trash is turned into melodic adventures, ranging from huge drumming numbers to equally impressive subtle moments of ‘singing’ lighters in the dark. Magical symphonies are reveal simply by the exaggerated use of everyday household items, with sounds and movements ingeniously layered into performances that are amazing in its heightened assault on the senses.


Although the production is all dance and drumming, you’ll also find a clever comedy narrative built into STOMP to give every performer a clear character and place in the troupe. If one looks even deeper —beyond the ‘this is absolutely fantastic’ entertainment— you could even identify an anti-bullying lesson that no-one can prevent you from making music and banging your drum you way. But, not every show needs a profound theme or a life lesson; simply loving the theatrical sensation that is STOMP for its off-the-wall impressive musical feats is enough to get you clapping and stomping along with the talented cast.  

With fight choreography morphing into rebellious dancing sequences, with trash transforming into tap-tastic band numbers, what’s not to love about this celebration of synchronicity?!


Book your tickets online through Computicket to see the Showtime Management presented STOMP at the Artscape Opera House before run ends 15 September 2019. It's a must-see delight.


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