Scene It: Man Band rocks Kalk Bay Theatre

August 18, 2019

Whether Baby Boomer, Generation X, Millennial or even Centennial, every generation has a rock or boy band that speaks to them. If Boys II Men, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Jackson Five, Foo Fighters, Outkast, Back Street Boys, Aerosmith, or Kings of Leon is such a band to you, then you’ll love the tribute show, Man Band, at Kalk Bay Theatre. It's the show that promises to get your nostalgic toes tapping.


The FollowSpot Productions men who bring the beats to the stage draw strongly on the music-response of their audiences. As such, no one show is alike, and that’s fantastic. Add to that authenticity the signature comedy snippets and dance breakouts that’s associated with FollowSpot's style of musical theatre and what’s not to love?! Somehow this troupe simply has a knack for keeping their shows fresh without breaking their signature style mold.

Those well acquainted with the theatre antics of brothers Ash and Brad Searle will know that they always entertain, and Man Band is no exception. Liam McDermott again has the audience swooning, and Alex Tops impresses with his vocal acrobatics. But, the surprise element of this show is the new FollowSpot member, Gareth Christie, as Christie reveals himself as a guitar magician. Together, these guys create a fun show that’s a mix of music, shenanigans, and hoenst live theatre.


So, if you're in the mood for some great music, performed with personality and Jersey Boys charm, then get yourself to Kalk Bay Theatre to experience some Man Band musical madness. You may find yourself shouting, 'Tequila!'.


Tickets for Man Band, 28 August to 21 September, are available online at While you're at it, remember to book a table to enjoy there delicious restaurant menu before the show.


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