Scene It: Zombie Attack! Fighting fear with movie-magic power

June 23, 2019

Those who've had the privilege of seeing a Gaetan Schmid performance will instantly associate this hyper-creative with fun, high energy shows. Zombie Attack, Schmid's latest one-man production (onstage at the 2019 National Arts Festival (NAF)), stays true to his spirited theatre-style and character.


Though the title may give you the impression that you’ll be seeing more of a Walking Dead style play, it actually places a different twist on the undead as metaphor for the terror that can overcome one in everyday life scenarios. Zombie Attack introduces you to little Gaetan and the immense zombie attack like fear he experiences when confronted with the task of reciting a poem in front of the class. He fights off these monsters of terror with a match-the-movie guide in an enjoyable, physical theatre fashion as he mimes his journey to a thrilling soundtrack of 101 movies.

Together with director, Andrew Laubscher, Schmid has created a show that's simply the perfect fit for a festival programme: short, pithy and, most importantly, entertaining. Although the show isn't dialogue driven, there's no chance of audiences misunderstanding the story that unfolds thanks to Schmid's animated physical theatre style.


Zombie Attack has all the right ingredients to speak to a wide audience, as it’s very relatable and will resonate with every audience member (in a different way and on a different level) in a laughter inducing fashion. It will have great appeal, whether you're a true movie buff or simply someone who watches the occasional box office hit. Whatever your degree of movie knowledge, you'll enjoy seeing Schmid face terrifying moments, aided by Iron Man's heroics and Steve McQueen's cinematic flair, in Zombia Attack at this year's NAF.


As is the case with movies sometimes, Zombie Attack has an age restriction of 16. But, as long as you're 16 years or older, Zombie Attack is set to tempt you to some physical theatre escapism.


Zombie Attack will be onstage at the Masonic Back in Makhanda until 6 July 2019. You can make it part of your 2019 NAF diary by booking online here:

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