Scene It: Whimsical 'Silkworm' charms at Alexander Upstairs

May 10, 2019

Silkworm, currently onstage at Alexander Upstairs, charmingly calls on you to consider what your favourite things are (*hums raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens*): What would you want to do if you only had one day to do it all? After all, silkworms have a limited lifespan.

This question is considered by the very loveable, quirky and gregarious Georgina Aurora Clementine who you meet on a very important day in her life. With Italian clowning flair, Georgina takes you along on her expressive journey of discovery.

Silkworm is quirky, comical, and fun play with (as per clowning tradition) an undertone of melancholy presented in a manner that makes reality less scary.

It's presented as a whimsical and magical exploration of adult themes in a fun-loving, almost childlike, manner. I find it to be a great tone-setting trend in most Contagious Theatre productions that I can leave the cares of the world at the theatre door and embrace their character-journey with youthful delight. 

Particularly on the night that I saw Silkworm —a very blue Monday— Taryn Bennett's performance (as directed by Jenine Collocott) brought a lightness to my mood and heart, even though it deals with a life altering moment (no spoilers!).

Georgina not only helps her silkworms to breathe, but also her new audience-friends. If you're seated in the front row you may have a more interactive theatre experience than those seated towards the back. Let your personality and theatre style preferences guide your seating choice. 

The end of Silkworm may hit audiences at different response levels. It's somewhat of a dramatic jump, with an argument to be made that it's perhaps too big a stretch considering the direction and narrative build-up, though, still a twist which could be appealing. Just keep in mind that exaggeration and big imaginative jumps are elements easily associated with and justified in a clowning context, so be ready to take the leap with Georgina.


You can book your tickets for this endearing Silkworm experience online at It's onstage at Alexander Upstairs until 18 May 2019.


Find out more about the play through the #10TheatreFacts that Bennett shared with us:


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