Scene It: 'Stof', a one-person show that delights

Stripped down to the bare theatre necessities of poor theatre and pure talent, James Cairns captivates at the Woordfees with Stof, the Afrikaans translation of his acclaimed one-person show, Dirt.

Stof sees Cairns (directed by Janine Collocott) portraying four characters —three poker buddies and a dog named Sarel— on a roadtrip to Cape Town for an unexpected life changing event. Amidst an array of misconceptions and preconceptions Stof deals with the themes of death, love, jealousy, despair, and hope. 

That may sounds like too many topics to unpack in but a 60 minute one-person show, but Stof (Cairns' Afrikaans translation of Nick Warren's original text) manages to do so effortlessly, as the focus isn't placed so much on the issues. Instead of hanging the issues out openly as dirty laundry on display, Stof rather delightfully zooms in on three people dealing with these issues in the context of their friendship. Cairns' delivery is so utterly hilarious that you'll only realise Stof speaks to truly deep issues when you've eventually caught your breath after several fits of laughter —in fact, be prepared to still be laughing well after you've left the theatre.

If you make Stof part of your Woordfees experience that would be an excellent entertainment choice, as you'll be treated to a very well directed one-person play, performed by a masterful actor giving expression to a hilarious yet heartfelt text. Tickets available through Computicket. 


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