Scene It: 'Babbelagtig', playful theatre that enchants

There is something quite special, one could even say magical, about a show that can make adults forget about their cares and respond with a sense of childlike jubilance to a show. Babbelagtig brings that type of happiness to audiences at the Woordfees.


It is often professed that a show can enchant young and old, and more often than not that is simply a selling point. Babbelagtig is the exception to that statement: It really is delightful fun for theatre-lovers of all ages, as long as you're willing to give your imagination free rein to go on an adventure with the Mary Poppins of stage productions.


For those who are familiar with the clowning style of Slava Polunin, you’ll appreciate that clowning is more than kiddies party entertainment. Clowning as a true art form calls on performers to show the ability to communicate the full range of emotions —from sadness to joy— with but an expression or a gesture in a very nuanced manner. The cast of Babbelagtig know how to do just that as they present a ‘kids’ show that feels both classical and contemporary in its presentation.

You'll forget your cares for 60 minutes when you indulge in the onstage antics of De Klerk Oelofse, Roberto Pombo, Jemma Kahn, Thami Baba, David Viviers, Dean Balie and Klara van Wyk under the direction of Jenine Collocott. They're all so impressive as a troupe that it would be unfair to highlight one or two as the leads in Babbelagtig. Thid is  true ensemble  driven production, as the cast match each other in talent and energy; every one of them is one part of the magic that makes up this high-energy show.  


Everything about Babbelagtig (developed by the cast as collective) is designed to draw you into the adventures of the characters, whether that be zany horse races, musical meals, or camping wars with mosquitoes. That, along with the music by Charl-Johan Lingenfelder and the set and light design by Wolf Britz, entrances those audiences who embrace the crazy fun fully.


Babbelagtig is the best kind of playful theatre; an all-round fantastic experience. Forget your cares for just a while and go see it at the Woordfees on 8 and 9 March 2019. Tickets are available online through Computicket.


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