Scene It: Go 'Face The Music' for fun at Kalk Bay Theatre

February 28, 2019

Face The Music, a music tribute show highlighting top of the charts hits by fantastic songtresses, with some TV and cinematic charm in the mix too, will playfully reveal the impact of the music bizz on you, your friends, and even the random patron sitting next to you at Kalk Bay Theatre.


I’m the first to admit that audience participation is my least favourite part of any theatre experience. I go to a show to experience escapism and get away from the stress that comes with everyday life. When a show is billed as a quiz show for the audience, my anxiety levels usually spike, so I can understand why people may be hesitant to go join in on the Face The Music fun if they think of it as just another audience participation show. Luckily, it is anything but that!

Face The Music has all the entertainment, but none of the stress, that you would associate with a music quiz, while still theatrically presenting audiences with a full tribute show production. It’s the type of show where the game is the show and the show is a game… and it’s a fantastic, relaxing, fabulously-fun night at the very funky Kalk Bay Theatre.


Directors Ash Searle and Vanessa Harris know how to package a truly lovely Follow Spot Productions experience, and they've done so again. Those who are well acquainted with the Follow Spot brand may recall a Face The Music and even a Face The Music 2 (both which I adored), and may wonder where this latest Face The Music fits into their quiz-bizz sequence. This one is a rebooted version of their music game-show concept with golden oldies balanced out with some sassy new hit songs. This musical montage with a twist is performed by four of Cape Town’s own talented singing divas —Lucy Tops, Hannah Hishin, Luella Holland, and Tegan Shearer— supported by the best new MC in the Mother City, Brad Searle.

Everything about Face The Music is sleek and fun and the performers are all at the top of their game, with every song presented with great vocal quality and range. With a strong sense of nostalgia weaving through the show, any song on any given night can be someone's stand-out favourite. For this reviewer, the harmonies brought to stage by Lucy Tops and Hannah Hishnin with their rendition of 'Titanium' are truly marvellous. Add to that the comedy stylings of Brad Searle and you will surely have a great night out.


If you are lucky —and I was, thanks to a great quiz partner— you may even walk away from the show not only victorious with your music knowledge bragging rights, but with a bottle of wine and some theatre tickets too. And no, I did not get the wine as a bribe for a good write-up; Face The Music would have gotten that in any case because of the quality of the show itself. The win was serendipitous... and it can be for you too, happily so!

This all is but my very verbose way of saying, 'You have to go see Face The Music!', because the audience participation never gets you into the spotlight unless you do something to put yourself into said spotlight. With this show, the degree of fun you have with the game (which can potentially be A LOT OF FUN) is completely controlled and determined by your fabulous self.


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