Scene It: The library is open with Ceri Dupree at Gate 69

February 21, 2019

The Welsh female impersonator, Ceri Dupree, is back in town and dazzling audiences at Cape Town’s Purple Palace, Gate69, with her sequins and shade of insult comedy until 16 March 2019 in Immaculate Deception.


Once Ceri Dupree takes to the stage, you realise that she is very comfortable in the spotlight —and with 30 years in the business, she brings you classic diva drag-show realness at its best, with characters including everyone from the Queen to Dolly Parton and Cher. I mean, who doesn’t like a touch of Cher in a drag show, and Ceri Dupree’s tuck for the Cher reveal will leave Trinity The Tuck gasping in amazement!


Like any great shade-dealing drag artist, Ceri Dupree is an equal opportunity offender. Her set, including her audience interaction, is insult comedy 101. If this isn't your thing, or you don’t like the fact that you could be the inspiration for a joke or two, then this is not the show for you. However, if you can put on a fabulous frock and thick skin for an evening of draglicious jesting, singing, and jiving, then you’re sure to find entertainment with Ceri Dupree in Immaculate Deception.


Apart from her impressive vocal performance, as well as her comedic jabs (and occasional stabs), the costumes are fantastic too. In both the insult and the outfit categories, Dame Edna will leave you speechless in shock and in shade —a sure favourite of Ceri Depree fans.

Those who saw Ceri’s show in 2016, when she made a dazzling appearance at the Artscape Theatre Arena, may remember that the quick changes, especially the reveals through the use of silhouettes, were a great crowd-pleaser. Immaculate Deception still has an element of that reveal style in the second act of the show, while bringing a bit of a guess-who’s-next slide show feel to the first act. The second act aesthetically remains the stronger part of the show, but the first act definitely has some royal flair that will intrigue fans.


While the library is certainly open all through Ceri Dupree’s performance, so is the Gate69 pantry. They have given their menu a make-over and it’s delicious! So why not pause on your Rupaul's Drag Race bringing for one night and treat yourself to some Ceri Dupree glam-insults and a yummy Thai—flavours inspired menu (apparently set to change again in April) at Gate69, where the one and only Cathy Specific will greet you on the red carpet.


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P.S. While you're on the website busy booking your Immaculate Deception tickets, why not also reserve your plush seats for the Trolley Dollies' next show Non-Specific too. That way you know that your theatre diary is ensured of a sufficient dose of ornate, purple and mysterious Gate69 energy for the next few months.


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