Scene It: Guffaws abound with 'Jesters In The Park' at Maynardville

February 2, 2019

After the success of Jesters In The Park during the 2018 festival, the Cape Town Comedy Club presents Season 2 as part of this year’s 2019 Maynardville Open-Air Festival. A celebration of comedy as a form of entertainment (not only in the jesting times and style of The Bard, but also today still), it is a delightful night out that invites audiences to come and enjoy a laugh in an unique setting, until 2 February 2019.

Rob van Vuuren, as your main Jester, effortlessly engages with the audiences with his quirky style of banter and quintessential physical theatre shenanigans. And, as an added bonus he looks the part too, tights and ruff included!


Van Vuuren introduces you to Shakespeare's wordsmith art as you and The Bard himself have never seen it before, with a bit of an undiscovered dramedy in the mix too. This all plays out much to the delight of the audience and the apparent improvisation surprise of his fellow comics waiting in the wings.

Newcomer Reagan Allen, keeps the audience on their toes with higher grade word-play that will have you squealing with laughter if you are quick enough to keep up with his pace. Seeing him develop dry punny humour into his own unique style with every performance is great fun. He’ll also help you figure out whether you're a margarine or a butter person. To truly appreciated the punchlines of his witty retorts you definitely want to fall in the margarine category.

Bloemfontein born Phil De Lange and his ukulele offer the audience some Afrikaans-geography insights with a twist, as he sings his way through his reticent jokes. As De Lange works in radio too, it is no surprise that he knows how to use his music knowledge to entertain and shift perspectives, as he brings even elements of Ed Sheeran, Steve Hofmeyer and Danny K into his set. His comedy style can perhaps best be described as social satire and provides the perfect line-up link to the introduction of your Jesters In The Park headliner, Dylan Skews.

Skews has a quirky, conversational, and hilariously (potentially) high way of taking the everyday-mundane and turning that into commentary that leave audiences in stitches. From the effect of smoking dope, to aging, relationships, and parenting, he turns life in general into his set in a most inviting and entertaining manner. Skews’ style of comedy really feels like an extension of himself as performing comic, which allows him to easily draw in his audience. Skews and his anecdotal jokes end off this show on a high.

Between these four comics, double entendres, hyperbole, oxymorons, and puns abound to the delight of the audience. You will giggle, you will laugh and you will definitely be using the word ‘verily’ more often than you would think afterwards.


Jesters In The Park is a well-timed relaxing treat as the stress of January exits and ushers in the month-of-love February with a picnic date-night out under the stars at the Maynardville Open-Air Festival. You have until 2 February 2019 to experience the hilarity of this Cape Town Comedy Club presented show. Tickets available online through Computicket.


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