Scene It: Committie's 'Class(y) Clown), a fun end-of-year tonic

December 9, 2018

The end of 2018 is fast approaching and if you are one of many in need of a laugh to cope with the world’s twisted reality as viewed through twitter-rants and fake/Fox News equivalents, then I’m betting you already have your tickets booked to see Alan Committie’s annual end-of-year show. This year Committie’s show is titled Class(y) Clown, onstage at the Baxter Theatre’s Concert Hall until 15 December 2018.


The creatively lit show starts on a high (in more ways than one) and keeps the audience in various states of laughter for a fun 90 minutes of de-stressing. Directed by Chis Weare, Class(y) Clown sees Committie in his light-hearted style, re-educating and re-adjusting our comedic perspective of 2018's local and international current affairs. With the show taking the form of a teacher addressing the class of 2018 —highlighting the achievers and those bound to fail in categories of politics, economics, science and more— it promises audiences what Committie describes as ‘textbook laughs’.

Devoted fans will be happy to hear that, here and there, Class(y) Clown has joke-throwbacks as links to previous shows —highlighting Committie's relaxed style of audience banter, while drawing on one-liners that never fail to entertain. The show also includes a collection of new jokes and punchlines that hit the funny bone just right to numb the 2018 madness.


Those who have followed Committie’s career closely will know of his fondness for Mr Bean impersonations. His take on Mr Bean may not make a reappearance in Class(y) Clown, but his admiration for Rowan Atkinson and his style of comedy is very much present as a form of inspiration. Adapting a well-known Atkinson skit and morphing it into a school assembly setting —expertly drawing on his own past as a fully qualified teacher— Committie presents a very witty 2018-report of what worked and what didn’t. If fits of laughter reverberating through a theatre are anything to go by, I’m willing to wager that this sketch will be a crowd-pleaser at every Class(y) Clown performance.


Committie again succeeds in presenting his show in a very relatable fashion. He zooms in on the funny in our everyday lives —that space between the panic-driven extremes of failing democracies and the absence of water and light— and with his comedy gives audiences a reprieve from the anxiety and uncertainty that awaits in 2019.


Add to that all some comical travel tips and interpretative dance and the stage is set for Committie’s Class(y) Clown shenanigans to see you laughing your 2018 cares away.


Book your tickets through Webtickets to see the show at the Baxter Theatre's Concert Hall before the run ends 15 December 2018.



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