Scene It: Pandora's Bag charms & delights

October 30, 2018

What’s in a bag? A life! Every person’s bag —whether it be handbag, travel bag, gym bag or even shopping bag— reveals something personal about them. Joanna Weinberg has tapped into that truth with well-constructed and personal stories to share her sentiment about this most relatable of accessories in a fun and witty cabaret, Pandora’s Bag, onstage at the Baxter Theatre until 3 November 2018.


With it’s French theatre roots, it’s only fitting that a cabaret is the style of theatre with which to celebrate an essential fashion accessory: the (hand) bag. Add to this considerations that would appeal to Freud, as well as the millennial trend of personal branding, and you have a show that will delight and entertain all who take their bags out to the theatre.


The show reveals the various characters of bags, as well as the people who carry them, and shares the secret that a person's whole life can sometimes fit into a small bag while still making a big, even unconventional, impact.


With her engaging personality, Weinberg skillfully unpacks the mystery of 'the bag' and the content we keep (and lose) therein. The show looks into the ‘powers’ and influence of bags, and covers everything from how to keep a man to the bonding power of bag-porn.

Weinberg’s tongue-in-cheek narrative is gleefully met with a laugh-with-a-tear audience reaction. She has mastered the art of cabaret story-telling, and candidly connects with her audience in the intimate setting of the Baxter Golden Arrow Studio. 


The personal stories she shares onstage is revealed in through cleverly structured narrative that appropriately shatters the fourth wall, and moves this show beyond a mere collection of songs. The broad performance styles that cabaret makes allowances for, also fits a versatile performer of the calibre of Weinberg like a silk glove as the perfect pairing to the latest Hermes Birkin. 


Pandora's Bag is equal parts shade, sass and soul... the perfect recipe for a well accessorised cabaret experience, and a must see for every theatre-loving fashionista and their style-challenged cousin. Book your tickets through Webtickets to see the show before the run ends on 3 November 2018.


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