Scene It: Disney on Ice 'Dreams Big' and you should too!

July 14, 2018

Disney on Ice turning the GrandWest Arena into a winter wonderland for a few days in July every year has become a holiday highlight for fun-seeking families. This year the treat the Disney creatives bring to the ice-rink-stage is the enchanting 'Dream Big’.


If at all possible, the choreography this year is even stronger than before, especially when it comes to the ensemble acts. Every figure skater is completely in sync in their presentation of the vibrant enchantment this show is; making their supporting characters a strong additional element to the narrative, rather than just a chorus spinning in the background. In fact, when the cutlery comes dancing onto the ice and invites you to join Bell in being their guest, you will not be able to turn down the invitation.  

From bounce spins to axels, there are moves in this production that will have you catch your breath as prince and princess pairs glide over the ice. It all builds up to a spectacular finale showcasing skills with the added effects of sparks and fire. Fantastic tricks at high speed keep not only the kids, but also the adults, thoroughly entertained —it’s all very exciting to watch.


Anna from Frozen is absolutely fantastic in that she adds to the great skill of her performance with accentuated character traits revealed through facial expressions and body language —this performer is truly a figure skating actress and not just a figure skater who acts.

The crossover between Tinkerbell and Cinderella makes for a charming twist that adds to the magic. But, what truly stands out is that the journey through the Disney tales —with Tinkerbell, Mickey, Mini, and even Goofy as your guides— do not portray the princesses as damsels in distress merely waiting for a prince to come along and save them. The focus is more on every character and their quest, whether princess or prince,  to follow their ‘Dream Big’ path… the fact that that path includes each other at times, merely make the story sweeter. From a comedic perspective, the antics of Olaf, the Genie, and Sebastian never disappoint. Add to that all bedazzled and colourful costumes, and you have all the elements of a very fun show.

We had the treat of inviting two youngsters along to witness the magic and give some youthful insight as to the experience. The cool-dude looked captivated every time he thought we weren’t looking, but for street-cred purposes he gave the show 7/10… because, well, the show has princesses in it. The young lady however beamed from ear-to-ear from beginning to end and unashamedly exclaimed, “I give it a 1000 out of a 1000”. So all and all we think it is safe to say that from a primary school age perspective the show is a solid four star family-friendly performance.   


You have until 15 July 2018 to treat the family to this magical adventure and go ‘Dream Big’ with the Feld Entertainment and Showtime Management presented Disney on Ice at GrandWest Arena. Tickets can be booked through Computicket.



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