Press: SNIP/TUCKED – A Mini Medical Musical, extends by popular demand at Gaet69


Snip/Tucked, a Mini Medical Musical has been extended by popular demand to 08 September 2018. The hit show that opened in February is a comedic romp through the trials and tribulations of the female fight against nature and the panic associated with growing older. And who better to guide an audience through the minefield of snip-tuck Do’s and Don’ts than Gate69’s three gorgeous goddesses, the infamous Trolley Dollies who are apparently well acquainted with every anti-ageing cream known to man!


Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, selfies, blogs and vlogs - social media scrutiny is at an optimum and with the advent of the instant filter, everyone looks beautiful and unblemished, and fake is the new fact. Self-improvement, driven by dissatisfaction, is the new world religion that demands six pack abs, foreheads as smooth as marble, taut boobs and booties, pearly whites and golden tans.  Quite frankly, it’s exhausting and enough is enough already.  


Enter Cathy (Brendan van Rhyn), Holly (Christopher Dudgeon) and Molly (Rudi Jansen) who reveal all you should and shouldn’t know about going under the needle and knife, courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood surgeon. They’ve spent too long relying on the benefits of cabin pressure to keep their youthful good looks and find themselves grounded and in search of ways to combat gravity’s merciless assault.


Big hair meets even bigger show numbers as the seven-foot stars of Gate69 delight with polished dance routines, witty repartée and deliciously bitchy banter. SA’s pin-up girls for travel have swapped the flight deck for the cosmetic couch so brace yourselves for a hilarious surgical safari!

Snip/Tucked is written and directed by Christopher Dudgeon with lyrics by Brendan van Rhyn, musical direction by Melissa van der Spuy, choreography by Sven-Eric Muller, sound and lighting by Eastern Acoustics and costumes by Shamiela Salie and Luanna Shonfeld.


Fasten your seatbelts, you’ll need a pre-med for this one! Performances run from Wednesday to Saturday at 8.15pm with recommended arrival at 6:30pm for a hug and a kiss from Cathy Specific on the red carpet. Tickets cost R500-R595 per person which includes the show ticket and a tasty gourmet tapas offering. Booking is through or 021-0351627. PG18.


What the media have had to say- 


“Intelligent cabaret…more than a mere romp - it offers reflection on human vanity, giving food for thought…”

- Beverley Brommert, Argus Tonight


“The choreography is smoother than a Botoxed brow - Cape Town’s favourite flight attendants are on top of their game”

– Bianca Coleman, Weekend Argus

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