#10TheatreFacts: Corné & Twakkie on 'The Most Amazing Show' at #NAF18

May 31, 2018

Corné and Twakkie, the Godfathers of zef, are returning to Grahamsberg in a lumo polyester haze of glory to bring the Style of Love to #NAF18 festivalgoers one last time!


They can't believe that everyone coming to the #NAF18 hasn't already booked their tickets to come see The Most Amazing Show —it’s a cult comedy for goodness sake! So we asked them to share #10TheatreFacts about their show to let them make up your minds for you with their awesome powers of persuasion.


Disclaimer: They appeared to have answered most questions as one person —because they are that amazingly in sync, even more so than that other band— and they avoided giving any direct responses that could conclusively link Corné (6ft 4in and fabulous) and Twakkie (4ft 6in and a stuntman extraordinaire) to the stellar performers Louw Venter and Rob van Vuuren. All we know is when reading their responses below, 'You’d better believe it, ’cause it’s true'.

1. Where does the idea for The Most Amazing Show come from?

From a guy called Fritzy, in Escort. He sells them from a bakkie. Fritzy is Twakkie’s cousin and his uncle so most of the times we don't actually pay but sometimes we give him some pig meat.


2. As a production, what genre of theatre best describes it?

Ballet. With guns. And disco music and animals. And art.


3. Do people ever confuse you with your character when they see you off stage?

What do you mean?


4. Let’s pretend for a moment that people don’t know about the show… How would you briefly describe The Most Amazing Show to someone who has no idea what it is about to convince him or her that this is a festival must see show?

I wouldn't describe it. Like the song says: If you don't know me by now… I will come to your house and set fire on your dog. Also, it's like comedy, but actually funny. And also, seriously? Do you really not know the Most Amazing Show?


5. What do you, personally, like most about The Most Amazing Show?

Getting money from it for pigs and rehab.


6. What about The Most Amazing Show do you think fascinates audiences most?

The subtlety. Our show is extremely subtle and sensitive. Especially if you think you are coming to our show and walk into a Sylvain Stronk production by mistake.


7. What has been your most memorable Corné & Twakkie moment so far? 

It was a show in front of like five billion people at Oppoknoppi but I can't actually really remember it because of the drugs. Please refer to question 5 re pigs and rehab.


8. What is Corné & Twakkie’s life philosophy?

If you want a pumpkin you have to dig a little hole.


9. Is there a special message from Corné & Twakkie that you would like to share with theatre lovers at the festival?

Yes. Put your money into African Bank account number 65279006421568 and then you will become rich because your great dead uncle Thornsburnton you didn't know died in Scotland and couldn't think of anyone to give his riches to except for you. Really.


10. What does theatre as a lifestyle mean to you?

Many many pain and much of suffering. What does life as a theater lover mean to you sweetcakes? 

Venue: Victoria Theatre

Dates: 3 - 7 July

Duration: 60min

Age restriction: 16 (MLNS)

Featured Artists: Rob van Vuuren, Louw Venter

Company: T*M*A*S
Bookings: nationalartsfestival.co.za



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