Scene It: School’s out with Alchemy of Rock

May 11, 2018

The creative team behind Follow Spot Productions are back with another crowd-pleasing show. This time, they’re adding a rock ‘n’ roll edge to their fun-and-sassy performance style to bring you a party of a show, Alchemy of Rock, that’ll shake it all up at the Kalk Bay Theatre until 1 June 2018.

Ever wondered what happened to the School of Rock kids after band graduation? Alchemy of Rock may be a very plausible answer to the ‘school’s out; what now? question. As the first notes of The Beatles’ classic ‘Come Together’ reverberate through Kalk Bay Theatre, you find yourself in a moment best described by Brenda Sutton Rose:


‘The guitar breathed. It inhaled and exhaled, and music filled the shop as the instrument picked the heartbreak of generations.’


Except here it isn’t so much a case of heartbreak as it is one of heartbeat. Because this get-up-and-dance tribute show (directed by Ash Searle and Vanessa Harris) taps into the heart and soul of the rock ‘n’ roll generation that lived and breathed the music of Dire Straits, The Doors, ACDC, Pink Floyd, U2, The Cranberries, Guns n’ Roses, Aerosmith, and many more, it’s a very brave production. Fans of these artists will sacrifice you to the gods of rock if you don’t do their music justice. The Alchemy of Rock cast can breathe easily, though, because they are so in tune with the spirit of the music they pay tribute to that the gods of rock have probably already booked tickets to the show. It’s the most fun this rock ‘n’ roll fan has had in a theatre since We Will Rock You The Musical came to SA in 2006 —a show that, it should be noted, also saw Ash Searle and Vanessa Harris as part of the cast.

Apart from the fact that Alchemy of Rock is jam-packed with rock anthems, it also gives you a glimpse into the personalities of the band members. You get the goofy moments, the ‘mishaps’, the love story, the tension, and the playfulness that one could imagine a touring band experiencing. The Follow Spot team’s strength lies in the fact that they understand each other, have complementary performance styles, and are just so naturally in sync that nothing they do seems like work. Even the most technical of songs and moves always looks like just a bunch of friends having a great time. Alchemy of Rock is no exception. Their on-stage chemistry is on point once again with every song brilliantly performed by Ash Searle, Vanessa Harris, Brad Searle, Lucy Tops, Liam McDermott, and Hannah Hishin.


This comedic musical revue is sleek, fast-paced, and cleverly packaged in a way that makes you feel like a golden circle ticket-holder at a huge rock concert, all while sitting comfortably in an intimate theatre. Musical magicians, these creatives are! Book your tickets online at to rock out with Alchemy of Rock by 3 June 2018, and then again between 24 and 28 July 2018.


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