Press: Creating a Global Community for Change

April 10, 2018

In today’s world there has been a marked surgence of humanitarian rallies and causes. People are standing up for their rights, demanding that the time has come for change. With movements like The Women's March and the ME TOO campaign, it is clear to see that the up and coming generation are ready to cultivate a world that they can be proud to live in.

The newly formed, humanitarian focused, company Unbounded Lioness Creations is determined to play their part in this movement. Through their work the members of this company hope to foster a global community for change.


One of the ways in which they hope to achieve this is through their Global Connectivity Events (the same event happening in multiple cities around the world). The theme for the 2018 Global Connectivity Event is YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Currently six different countries and 11 different cities are participating and the number is growing daily. The New York City event is slated for the 9th of April at 7 30 PM at Clinton Cameo Studios, Studio B, hosted by the company’s founder Mary-Anne Elizabeth Wright, and the Cape Town, South Africa Event will be on the 29th of April at 3 PM at the Theatre Arts Admin Collective, Main Hall, hosted by Nicola Date.

The  Global Connectivity Events  are intimate events where performers can bring their own works (monologues/ dances/ poems/ scenes etc.) all to do with the theme YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
As these events focus on creating a global community open to all, tickets are donation based (pay what you can).  

“We wanted to focus on creating a way for people to connect and share as a global community. We also wanted to create a dialogue about things that have perhaps been silenced. After each show there will be an open forum where experiences can be discussed and shared, bringing the performers and audience members together to ‘hold space’ for each other” explains Wright.

To reserve tickets email and indicate in the subject line which city you are reserving for.


For more information about Unbounded Lioness Creations and/or their global connectivity events please visit: 

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