Scene It: Nuns with a sense of silliness

April 8, 2018

We all need a bit of silliness in our lives to help us laugh away our cares. What better way to achieve that required level of ridiculousness than with the aid of five nuns on a mission to defrost a potential health risk?


The Sisters of the Holy Cross Convent greet you upon arrival at the Milnerton Playhouse as they get to know the guests who have come to support their fundraiser – see, they need money to bury four nuns that are currently on ice… in their freezer! Their predicament is the sad result of experimental dishes dreamt up by their cook, Sister Julia Child of God, who due to another set of unfortunate events have left them to entertain the audience all on their own.

In what can be described as a humorous variety show with big (and sometimes conflicting) personalities, the Sisters attempt to make sense of it all –both for their own sake and that of the audience– with musical numbers, puppetry and even a quiz for good measure.


Nunsense is an Off-Broadway musical comedy that dates back to 1985. Whomever performs it faces the challenge of bridging the then-and-now relatability gap. For this purpose, the Milnerton Players have worked in local references that will capture the attention of the community they play to.


Every audience member will undoubtedly walk out with a different favourite nun in mind; they may be dressed in black habits, but the Sisters are clearly individuals, each with their own unique and colourful character. As far as their performances are concerned, Sisters Hubert (Fiona Tanner), Robert Anne (Melissa Sanderson), and Mary Leo (Georgina Borros) all reveal a good understanding of comedic timing and deliver delightful vocal performances too. Sisters Mary Amnesia (Michelle Galloway) supports the crazy narrative of this show by wholeheartedly embracing the confusion and bewilderment that sets her character apart from the other Sisters, while the Reverent Mother (Fiona Carling) is the source of great amusement when she confiscates some recreational drugs by means of inhalation.

Although some of the songs may not fit the range of all the Sisters, and the harmonisation may be a bit eclectic at times, collectively this works in favour of the show. When things go array it makes it all the more believable that you are watching an impromptu talent show in support of their cause – keeping the Department of Health at bay!


Make Nunsense part of your theatre plans if you want to giggle at some top-notch silliness and laugh your cares away courtesy of passionate performers who give every note sung and line delivered their all. With a good mix of talent and enthusiastic theatricality, an evening at the Milnerton Playhouse supporting the Sisters in their entertainment endeavours will make for a quirky and fun night out.


You have until 21 April 2018 to experience their jazz hands and Am-Dram-meets-Pro-Am shenanigans for yourself, complete with well-timed drum-rolls and an entertaining tap-dance break. Book your seats online at


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