Woordfees: Monsieur Ibrahim en die Blomme van die Koran

March 11, 2018

Dawid Minnaar lewer ’n kragtoer as ’n Joodse seun wat ’n hegte vriendskap met ’n Moslem-winkelier vorm. Hierdie stuk is ’n ko-produksie van Kunste Onbeperk en die Suidoosterfees en was deel van die US Woordfees.


This production combines Naomi Morgan’s wonderful translation of the original French play by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, a masterful performance by Dawid Minnaar, and director Philip Rademeyer’s simple but effective staging to create a gripping theatrical experience.


Young Moses (Minnaar) is a neglected Jewish boy living in Paris who forms an unlikely friendship with a wise old shopkeeper, Monsieur Ibrahim. Minnaar transforms effortlessly into the obstreperous boy the kindly Monsieur Ibrahim decides to call Momo, and delivers a masterclass in the portrayal of character development. He moves expertly between the younger Moses with his confused recollections and gradually maturing outlook, and the adult Moses with his calm demeanour who recounts his bond with ‘the father he chose for himself’ with a tenderness and insight the younger Momo didn’t have.


Every moment of this beautifully constructed play is well-conceived and profound, and Minnaar’s performance is absolutely transcendent.

Monsieur Ibrahim en die Blomme van die Koran was part of the US Woordfees. No future Cape Town productions dates haven been announced.



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