Scene It: Canned Rice’s Common Birds a hoot!

March 14, 2018

If you thought there could never be a duo that could pull off a combination of common and kitsch as a sort of comedic catharsis, then I dare you to go see Canned Rice Productions' Sasolburg Common ‘Birds’ of SA, starring Candice van Litsenborgh and Daneel van der Walt.


Van Litsenborgh and Van der Walt have established themselves as performers with great comedic timing and a flair for the flamboyantly theatrical, with successful portrayals of colourful characters such as, respectively, Shirley (Priscilla Queen of the Desert) and Magenta (Rocky Horror Picture Show). With Common Birds they have at long last teamed up to combine the power of their talents by taking to the stage as small-town sisters Cobalize and Jacomine.


While navigating their way through life –without getting bogged down by constraints such as rules and common sense– the sisters share their morally questionable shenanigans and opinions with the audience. They do so oblivious to their own confusion and with an unwavering confidence, which is a humorous how-not-to guide for anyone wanting to succeed at life.

If you’ve had a particularly (or even just marginally) tedious day, witnessing the unintentionally inspirational revelations of Cobalize and Jacomine through a series of sketches about their misadventures will have you howling and hooting with laughter. This show is not just a matter of mixing your ‘taal’ and being nonsensical; sadness (the undertone to any good comedy show) lurks underneath the laughter in the realisation that life is not always a Klippies and Coke braai party. Director Richard Wright-Firth allows Van Litsenborgh and Van der Walt to bring a real degree of depth to their hilariously shallow characters.


If Auntie Stienie from Agter Elke Man could see this show, she would kick off her slippers, sit back, and spit out her cigarette, cackling as the sisters overshare about their bad life choices without so much as a hint of decorum. Their blunders, from aptitude tests that every chicken in South Africa wishes they never took to dealing with family mechanics and sokkie disasters, will leave you gasping for breath between screams of laughter.


Sasolburg Common ‘Birds’ of SA is colourful, crazy, quirky and, as the sisters themselves would say, “k@k funny”! Catch these birds of a feather at Alexander Upstairs until 17 March or again from 30 April to 5 May. Book your tickets online


Please note that this hilariously raucous production carries a language (English, Afrikaans and a bit of swearing), and intentionally bad DJ mixing and 'sokkietreffers' (courtesy of Africa Audio Post) warning for all uncommon theatre lovers.



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