Scene It: Dance drama, Another Day, not just another love story

February 24, 2018

Sitting in the fabulously trendy Kalk Bay Theatre, watching the fantastic dance drama, Another Day, I was reminded of the Bernard Shaw saying that dance is “the perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire”. That, Another Day is; it radiates sensuality, but it also uses music and dance to highlight more than just physical desire. It highlights the desire to be seen, understood, treasured, forgiven, and, ultimately, the desire to belong. Because of this, it is more than just another love story.


Director Vanessa Harris has taken this production – which premiered in 2015 to gasps of amazement – and elevated it to an even higher level of dance drama intrigue. It messes with your mind in a spellbinding way. You are never quite sure who is right or wrong, who is cheating or walking away, as the movement expressed through every note exposes the life of the couple played by Ashley Searle and Lucy Tops. Only with the last scene can you measure the impact and degree of their, and your, misunderstandings.

This is all done through impressive dance sequences, contextualised by way of digital projections, and further elevated by Tops who adds her flawless vocals to Another Day – vocals so clear and heartbreakingly haunting that at stages you would be forgiven if you thought it was pre-recorded, but every note is performed live!


Although this is a dance drama, don't be fooled into believing that it's just about the sleek moves. Yes, you have the dance sensuality infused with the Follow Spot Productions signature energetic moves and quirky sass, but there is a clear story-line too. Conceptualised by Searle and Harris, Another Day not only incorporates the necessary build-up and suspense required of a drama, but also provides some emotional reprieve at just the right misdirection moments, courtesy of the comedic timing and animated moves of Bradley Searle, and newcomer Liam Gillespie. This all helps to keep you guessing as to what will happen next...

Along with Tops, Gillespie and the brothers Searle, Jo Liebenberg, Nicole van den Berg and Natasha Rhoda also impress as dancers who have a clear understanding of the theatrical storytelling side of their performances. Harris understands the Follow Spot brand and has the vision to bring together performers who not only match each other in terms of talent and skill, but also knows how to carry a narrative without having to utter a word.


With an amazing troupe of dancers showing off Harris’ fantastic choreography, and Tops’ astounding vocals adding another depth-dimension to the already impressive production, the cast collectively reveals the intrigue to be found in an 'everyday story'. There are always three sides to every day, especially if it is Another Day. As a dance drama, it is literally and figuratively a moving expression of desire, regret and new beginnings that captivates.


You can see this high-energy, emotive production at Kalk Bay Theatre until 16 March 2018. Please note that Another Day has an age restriction of 13. Book your tickets online at While you are booking, secure a spot in their very trendy theatre restaurant too. Their newly added delicious cocktails are a pre-show must.


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